Newfoundland and Labrador

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a Canadian province on the island of Newfoundland and on the mainland along the coast of the Labrador Sea

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Q: I have a 12-gauge shotgun that was given to me by my grandfather from Newfoundland, Canada.
ATLANTIC CONENCTION: Prof Graham Leslie (left), of Huddersfield University, with Dr Wilfred Zerbe, of Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada
Lawrence, Newfoundland, Canada, has granted an aggregate total of 900,000 stock options.
The plane, which has set off from Washington DC on Sunday night, turned round and flew two hours back west before landing safely yesterday morning at St John's in Newfoundland, Canada.
Now, as the 100th anniversary of its sinking approaches, those still captivated by the story--immortalized in a 1997 blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet--have plenty of ways to mark it: Cruise ships will sail to the exact spot near Newfoundland, Canada, where the ship sank; Titanic-themed dinners will take place worldwide; and, in the most extreme tribute, some will take a two-week, $60,000 cruise from Canada that includes a 13,000-foot plunge in a tiny submarine to the Titanic's ruins, which were discovered in 1985.
Car dealer Zahir Rana lost control of the 240mph Enzo during a road race in Newfoundland, Canada.
Newfoundland, Canada When a former winner of an all-weather race at Lingfield and runner-up in a Group 3 at Chester starts favourite for the world's richest race, need I say more?
Standing less than 10cm in height, being the width of a quarter, and occupying a small stretch of limestone barrens on the island of Newfoundland, Canada means the endangered Braya longii (Fernald) (Long's braya) and the threatened Braya fernaldii (Abbe) (Fernald's braya) (Figure 1) went unnoticed by almost everyone; even the botanists
The study included 325 kindergarten students from 12 rural and urban schools in Newfoundland, Canada.
Set in Newfoundland, Canada, a place most Americans and even Canadians have never been to or know much about, this novel reveals a lot about its setting and even more about its characters.
Much of what remains of the Titanic rests underwater about 350 miles from Newfoundland, Canada, where the ship sank on April 15 1912.
August 9-12, 1941: Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill secretly met for the first time.
The Grand Banks, the body of water off the east coast of Newfoundland, Canada, is considered the foggiest place on Earth.
The Seafood Company, a major importer, processor and distributor of premium chilled and frozen shellfish to UK retailers and food manufacturers, has been acquired by Fishery Products International (FPI), a CN$850m seafood business headquartered in Newfoundland, Canada.
Newfound Property International, with offices in London UK; Ireland and Newfoundland, Canada, is holding talks with an Italian company to operate the hotel, he said.
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