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New Zealand has a lot at stake to keep up its international appearance.
I was on the National Council of the New Zealand Farmers Federation when the Labour government decided to drastically change the economy.
I'm pleased that an organization as progressive as NZX is the first in New Zealand to move to Oracle Database 10g," said Robert Gosling, country manager, Oracle New Zealand.
This book gives a glimpse of New Zealand Baptist ecclesiology.
This week, Film New Zealand, the country's movie locations office, took out a cover ad on the Hollywood Reporter showcasing scenes from ``Lord of the Rings,'' ``Whale Rider'' and ``The Last Samurai.
The recent surge of interest in New Zealand, industry officials say, is in part due to the Lord of the Rings.
This fall, in a tour heavily promoted by Australian and New Zealand business interests, General Norman Schwarzkopf will deliver the same message in Sydney and Auckland.
Jim has been a loyal - if not too industrious - state servant all his adult life, and now he's angry and bewildered at the changes that have occurred in New Zealand since the mid-1980s.
However, Team New Zealand had used Silicon Graphics' supercomputers and workstations to do exhaustive computer-based testing of various hull and keel shapes against simulated sea and wind conditions.
Not surprisingly, New Zealand possesses no distinguished collections of European art to add to the Maori taonga or treasures in its museums or on its marae, or tribal meeting grounds.
Women's compliance with the penal regime was the dominant pattern in New Zealand prison life from 1880 to 1920.
We found unexpected, big differences in the UV radiation at the two sites," New Zealand and Germany, says Gunther Seckmeyer, an atmospheric scientist with the Institute for Biochemical Plant Pathology in Neuherberg, Germany.
This databook is a detailed information resource covering all the key data points on Oils & Fats in New Zealand.
When asked to get creative, some secondary school children in New Zealand did just that--and they were good sports about it, too
To the people of Colorado-sized New Zealand, Mike Ward may be best known as the guy who makes and sells jewelry on the streets of downtown Nelson.
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