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steak from upper part of the short loin

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WHAT: Dig into the New York steak garnished with cotija cheese or warm up with a bowl of sopa de tortilla.
The range consists of Santa Fe Chicken,Texan BBQ Pork, St Louis Chicken, New York Steak and Missouri Spiced Meatballs.
The Chicago Town Main Event ready meals will be available in five varieties, all inspired by regional American dishes--St Louis Chicken, Santa Fe Chicken (pictured), Texan BBQ Pork, New York Steak and Missouri Spiced Meatballs.
With dishes like, triple clam chowder, New York Steak with Jack Daniel's Sauce, Macaroni and Cheese du Jour, and truffle French Fries, a night out at 'The Diner' takes on new meaning.
Featured entrees for the evening include roasted halibut, half Maine lobster stuffed with jumbo lump crab, prime New York steak with half Maine lobster, Angus filet mignon, Guinea fowl with muscato sauce, and venison grand veneur.
The bargain/winner of the night was the enticing boneless New York steak sandwich at $16.
Chicago Town Main Event frozen ready meals are available in five varieties, all inspired by regional American dishes: St Louis Chicken, Santa Fe Chicken, Texan BBQ Pork, New York Steak and Missouri Spiced Meatballs (rsp: 1.
it's hard to beat the New York steak with port wine and blue cheese sauce.
Although the trio of steak choices seemed pricey at first glance, the 14-ounce USDA prime New York steak ($39.
As part of its Chicago Town brand expansion, Schwan's is launching a range of ready meals, including regional American specialities such as New York steak and Missouri meatballs.
Consumers can also place mail or delivery orders through specialty and gourmet food sites including Beluga Caviar, Dean & Deluca, Fifth Avenue Chocolatier, Grace's Marketplace, New York Steak and Seafood, and ABC The Cigar Store.
In addition to half a dozen chicken offerings, there are pork chops, meat loaf, a New York steak, liver, a veggie platter and four seafood meals.
This full-service restaurant features affordably priced down-home favorites including burgers, pizza, pasta, New York steak and a selection of homemade desserts such as Boysenberry Crisp and Hot Apple Pie.
There is also a carnivore's indulgence on the menu: a New York steak dry-aged for 55 days, priced at a little more than a dollar per dry-aging day.
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