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Some of the basic car repair service in New Orleans that is performed by the local Mercedes dealer include: oil changes, front end alignment, brakes, tire rotation, tire balance, coolant/transmission flush, and vehicle inspections and checkups.
We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans," Louisiana Congressman Richard Baker said shortly after Katrina.
To be sure, no urban K-12 district ever rebuilt totally from the bottom up, as New Orleans is doing.
Called Project New Orleans, it is an effort to compile a record of all architectural and planning proposals created for the post-Katrina rebuilding of New Orleans.
That decision--to shrug shoulders and conclude that the municipality couldn't afford to mobilize adequately for evacuating up to a quarter of its population--speaks to the real sources of the devastation of New Orleans and the snail's pace of its recovery.
Before Katrina the New Orleans city proper had 467,000 people; about 200,000 had returned as of June, when residents braced for a new hurricane season.
Among their other belongings, many New Orleans Jewish families lost the ritual vessels required for their Passover Seder--the meal commemorating the Israelites' final night in Egypt before fleeing that land, as described in Exodus.
DESCRIBING THE AFTERMATH of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is difficult because it involves such a massive scale of destruction.
Southwest will rebuild New Orleans service, CFO says.
Compounding the devastation in New Orleans was the near total disruption of the public health and medical infrastructure.
The civic breakdown we saw in New Orleans is extremely atypical, not just next to smaller-scale emergencies such as 9/11 but next to some of the worst natural and technological catastrophes of recent history.
More likely it will be years before New Orleans can be reconstituted.
Remember all those stories of gang violence, murder, and rape in the New Orleans Superdome and Convention Center?
They cover what scientists predict would happen to New Orleans if a storm of Katrina's magnitude struck the city:
Stambaugh the party was over: The owner of the New Orleans gay bar Starlight by the Park kept his doors open as Hurricane Katrina thrashed the Crescent City.
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