Neva River

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a river in northwestern Russia flowing generally west into the Gulf of Finland


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St Petersburg, like Venice, is built on water with the broad and deep Neva River flowing through.
From the start of the summer timetable the airline will offer an additional six flights a week to the city of the Neva River, an increase to 13 flights a week from the seven it currently operates.
The 403 metre-high skyscraper destined to house the Gazprom headquarters located on the right bank of the Neva River on a site in front of the
Saint Petersburg: F1 Team Abu Dhabi's Thani Al Qamzi regained a 10-point lead in the 2009 UIM F1 World Championship by finishing third overall in the second Grand Prix of Russia on the Neva River in the historic city of Saint Petersburg on Sunday evening.
Well-dressed and friendly locals were joined by tourists enjoying walks along the wide banks of the Neva River as pleasure barges served food and drinks to passengers taking in the city from the river.
The Udelnaya station is in the northern suburbs of the city north of the Neva river, five stops from the centre of Saint Petersburg, Russia's second largest city.
Named after Alexander Nevsky, a legendary Russian military commander, the Nevsky Bridge runs across the Neva River in St Petersburg.
They offer a Northern Europe programme that includes the possibility to journey up the Gironde River to uncork the fine wines of Bordeaux; sail under the Tower Bridge into the heart of London; travel up the Neva River to call in the centre of St.
10 FC Zenit play their home games at the Petrovsky Stadium which boasts a capacity of 21,725 and is located on a small island in the Malaya Neva river.
It didn't happen, however: Martha Fiennes' "Onegin" shot a few scenes there, before returning to re-create the Neva River at a U.
Her younger disciple permits himself to depart from the gloom of the city on the Neva River and to enjoy life either on the Black Sea beaches or even in Western Europe and New York.
Plentiful iron ore, vast coniferous forests, a ready supply of labour and a network of waterways through the lakes to the Neva river and the Baltic encouraged Peter to establish an arms workshop on the Lake Onega shore to supply cannons and balls for his wars against the Swedes.
On 8 September 1941, a German division took Shlisselburg, an old fortress at the mouth of the Neva River a half dozen miles east of Leningrad, thereby cutting land contact between the city and the interior.
The researchers however also found that the Neva river is the largest source of pollutants for the Gulf of Finland as a whole.