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a river in northwestern Russia flowing generally west into the Gulf of Finland

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The Tera Neva initiative reflects investors growing interest in combining financial performance with impact investing.
Communications were critical to ensure our people were safe and then to ensure the continuity of the business," said Neva.
During its heyday from 1960 to 1963, the Cal Neva was owned by Sinatra and became one of the most famous resorts in the country.
Support and technological development of femto-networks in Russia and CIS countries will stay one of the priority tasks of NEC Neva," said Alexey Shashkov, key account manager, NEC Neva Communications Systems.
less fe hole me face, yu dar neva know how it feel wen smady pint an
Former Coundon Court School pupil Neva worked at George Eliot Hospital before going on to work for humanitarian organisations and has spent the last few years working on the front line.
Since the Rent-A-Dog program began, more than a dozen Neva dogs have found new homes, either with people who've ``rented'' them for the day, their friends or dog owners who've seen the dogs when they come to pick up their own pooches from day care.
Ryder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Greg Swienton was on hand to personally present Neva King Cooper principal, Dr.
Practitioners preferring the achromatic (colour-free) version of BBGR's premium anti-reflective coating, Neva Max Secret, which is available in clear 1.
Appropriate diagnosis of the patient's problem using the NEVA system may provide significant cost savings to patients, Medicare, HMO's and payor organizations.
We said from day one that we would keep Cal Neva open for business, make long overdue management improvements to the property and assess its future," said Canyon executive Richard Bosworth.
From now until December 31, any order for hard coated BBGR digitally surfaced (DS) progressives may be upgraded free of charge to Neva Max.
Grigory Mantel, general director, Tekelec Russia and CIS, said, "Tekelec is already an established vendor in Russia, and we will continue to work with trusted partners such as NEC Neva to increase our presence in this fast-growing market.
Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC), a leading developer of telecommunications products for next-generation fixed, mobile and packet networks, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Russian-based joint venture ZAO NEC Neva Communications Systems to enable more effective relations with the region's telecommunication companies.