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The survey, conducted by Nielsen, found that the most common activities to cause chafing and irritation in the nether regions were cited as walking (26%), exercising (25%), running (21%), and outdoor activities (21%) such as horseback riding or hiking.
It looked like the kind of thing that would be featured on the nether regions of the Sky channels, you know, the ones past 900.
Assistant boss Tooth said: "We went from the elation of beating Barwell to a feeling of being kicked in the nether regions by Carlton.
ISLAMABAD, October 06, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Electric bikes may soon be able to go up to 60 miles without any pedalling, thanks to a new fuel cell system by the company SiGNa Chemistry, which uses a magic powder that nullifies the danger of having hydrogen stored next to your nether regions.
I turned my head and walked into a bollard, striking my nether regions so hard that I was doubled over on the pavement for a matter of minutes.
The cutout flap also provides access for cleansing the nether regions of a wearer.
You'd think temperatures of minus 35[bar]c and tales of frost bitten nether regions would be enough to put them off, but no-nothing fazes these two.
Wine critic Jilly Goolden famously munched on a kangaroo's nether regions in I'm A Celebrity.
Hansen, includes eye gel, moisturizing cream, aftershave gel, facial scrub, aftershave lotion, and a Beep Cream, for a man's nether regions, packaged in sleek black tubes.
Karl Spandl was rushed to hospital for surgery after a painful abcess developed on his nether regions.
Captain William Rose, a soldier present at the parade, said the goat 'was trying to headbutt the waist and nether regions of the drummers'.
Now, though, it is being extended into the nether regions of the engine.
The couple also star as a man and a woman who (I think) get married on a Japanese whaling ship, then, in a chamber filling with liquid petroleum jelly, gently slice one another's nether regions off so they can (I think) turn into dolphins.
Stone doesn't understand why Billy Bob needs an attorney, but he gets his first inkling that this is the client from the nether regions when someone shoots at them while in a moving vehicle.
Goofy "Bob" pops up with a big grin on his face in TV commercials on CNN, ESPN, and NBC because his nether regions have been supersized by an herbal concoction called Enzyte.