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distribute (multimedia files) over the internet for playback on a mobile device or a personal computer

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Apps created with Opera TV Snap can be found on the following LG Smart TV Platforms: NetCast 4.
In connection with the joint venture between the two companies, Fred Shadding, Senior Vice President at NETCAST BPO, will also partner Golden Gate BPO Solutions' leadership team, as SVP and Managing Director.
Elsewhere, the set's built-in Netcast features handy yet limited access to online services such as YouTube and Picasa.
A Blu-ray player enables you to play the latest titles with HD image quality and there's also LG Netcast built-in, which lets you view web content such as YouTube on your TV.
In addition, the TV is seamlessly connected to home AV devices thanks to a wireless link, while its NetCast function delivers instant streaming, via a broadband connection, of virtually limitless online content, including videos, movies and web albums.
The INFINIA range will be fundamental to LG's mid- and long-term plans to drive growth through 2010 by providing seamless connectivity and limitless access to online content by NetCast Entertainment Access(TM), Skype calls and DivX movies.
Corporate lobbyists and anti-regulation zealots are fond of invoking the willingness of consumers to netcast personal information when dismissing calls for tighter privacy controls: 'People want to make their information available', they claim.
Anecdotally--"me-search" at its finest--over half of the CDs I've purchased in the past 3-4 years were from an on-line shopping service due to something I heard on a netcast.
tv (this WEEK in TECH) Netcast Network from Leo Laporte of TechTV fame produces a number of podcasts (or "netcasts," the term Leo prefers) on technology topics in the news.
Though the theatrical window is hermetically sealed, Chinese TV distributors have much more latitude, and there is a growing new generation of netcast outfits acquiring rights for Chinese IPTV.
7, 2005 promoting the new "Nightly News Netcasts:'"(The) NBC Nightly News Netcast will be available for road warriors with laptops, for people stuck at the office and for all the folks at home with busy lives who would normally watch if it weren't for the distractions and responsibilities that life throws their way.
Local broadcast licensees likewise would be required to Netcast their locally generated programming.
Is somebody shopping at a dot com, watching streaming video of a TV netcast, listening to a radio station's website?
NetCast, por ejemplo, una compania dedicada a hacer encuestas y estadisticas sobre los servidores que se usan en la Red, ha hallado una proliferacion a la alza de Apache contra los servidores que usan tecnologia Microsoft.
Dealing with such age-old adolescent Sturm und Drang as geeky classmates, pesky younger siblings and nosy (if well-meaning) parents, the free Netcast program can be easily downloaded and viewed in the privacy of one's own bunk bed.