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computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol


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The 10 best designs will be displayed on the Chewchat website and net surfers will vote for their favourite.
These areas, plus delightful theme-oriented Web tours led by other folks and a plethora of other tips and resources, have garnered rave reviews even from more experienced Net surfers.
Housemate Beth, a 20-year-old TV researcher who also has a camera in her room, said: "Poor Ellie-Ann didn't realise she was being watched until a Net surfer sent me a message.
The DataBridge Net Surfer 112K single modem, model DB-NS112C-I and DataBridge Elite 112K double modem, model DB-112IVO-2.
So whether you're a seasoned net surfer, or a technophobe, there's now a way to buy your own net space and make sure that no one else impinges on your virtual area.
Furthermore, the Net surfer who nominates the week's silliest site will receive a $10 credit towards an advertising listing in the Orura search engine.
Net surfers will be able search under the name of their old employers in the way the current site links former school friends.
He also said the group would next month launch its Internet music company Mezzanine@Music which will enable Net surfers to download concerts from the Web and will be simultaneously shown on screens at all its venues.
Koko, the 26-year-old western lowland gorilla, simply sat patiently at her computer screen as Net surfers around the world tapped in 3000 questions.
NET surfers looking for a cool place to hang out can log on to www.
The results show us that people love the concept of Travelzoo, where Net surfers get fast and easy-to-use information on the latest travel deals available from over 100 companies," said Ralph Bartel, Chairman and CEO of Travelzoo.
Shares in BT leapt almost five per cent yesterday as it revealed that Britain's growing band of Net surfers and mobile phone users had pushed quarterly profits beyond expectations.
The GA website has proved a smash hit with Net surfers looking for a giggle.
Net Surfers Will Create Their Own Journeys in Ongoing Travel Feature