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computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol


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The 10 best designs will be displayed on the Chewchat website and net surfers will vote for their favourite.
That might not bother Net surfers who limit their online travels to sites such as Howtoknit.
Pop-ups are a number one annoyance for most net surfers, they're those little squares of advertising that you haven't requested in your page download.
Google, the powerful search tool that presents Net surfers with a minimum of visual clutter, came top in a global poll of 1,315 respondents to a survey by Interbrand, a UK branding agency.
Critics had argued that Internet filters can mistakenly categorize informational, nonerotic Web sites as porn, making information on breast cancer and coming-out resources for gay people unavailable to library Net surfers.
html - allows net surfers to watch Warren in training for his forthcoming wheel marathon.
A NEW guide to Britain's best watering holes has been set up to help net surfers find the perfect pint.
Indeed, it's unclear at this point whether it's possible to establish an online version of a singles market, now that Net surfers are getting accustomed to free music.
Designed by landscape design lecturer Mike Roberts, the "on-garden" takes the theme of an office at home and includes a computer terminal and a webcam so net surfers can directly link up to the display.
In the domestic market, computer sales are forecast to increase by 65 per cent this year, while India's net surfers are expected to grow from two million to some 70 million over the next three years.
com now points Net surfers to MatchMaker, a furnishings coordination engine that makes complementary-buy suggestions, and a virtual-rooms feature called Rooms By Design.
When traditional medical treatments fail, increasing numbers of Net surfers have turned to exotic remedies such as juju, mojo, voodoo, and gris-gris.
Net surfers can then go straight to Amazon from the participant's site, and for those without their own web site, the link can be e-mailed--people can go straight to Amazon from any e-mail with the link in it.
Dubbed "Integrale Wanadoo," the following three new subscription plans have been launched for Net surfers.
With @jato, Brazilian Net surfers can now receive data 100 times faster than transmissions via conventional telephone lines.