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the ratio gross profits divided by net sales

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Net operating margin adjusted (NOMA) is light for the rating category, reflecting Ohio Living's exposure to rental based ILU contracts and skilled nursing operations.
8 million in net operating margin from the lease of the oxide plant and an additional $0.
Debt service coverage reflects a provider's ability to fund annual debt payments with cash flow, while net operating margin measures the CCRC's ability to generate operating revenue in excess of operating expenses, without relying on other sources of revenue to fill the gaps.
The company said one of its main objectives is to increase adjusted net operating margin to 10%, and for the first half it achieved 7.
Headline operating profit is expected to have grown at a faster rate, resulting in an improvement in the net operating margin of more than half a percentage point.
The key financial indicators that demonstrate the differences between the Gold Standard Performers and all other facilities in the database include: the net operating margin ratio, the operating expenses per resident day, the Medicare net margin per Medicare resident day, and the net operating revenue growth.
While balance sheet transactions do have a major effect on short-term cash flow, the net operating margin indicates how much money the company generates from its core activities.
4%, which more than doubled the net operating margin for those companies.
The study also revealed an average net operating margin (profit margin excluding servicing sales gains) of 9.
GOOD PROFITABILITY: Occupancy has been strong overall, which has resulted in a high net operating margin (NOM) averaging 30% over the past four fiscal years, significantly ahead of Fitch's below investment grade (BIG) median of 9.
In addition, with an expected net operating margin of approximately 70%, compared to 55% to 60% for many older assets, the property's exposure to increased operating costs is limited, and its long-term net operating income growth potential is enhanced.
71 percent in March 2014, coupled with a decline in net operating margin from 36.
78 for the second quarter of this year with net operating margin of 5.
However, GFT sees a net operating margin for its Swiss firms of above 15% in 2012 from 6% currently.
If your 120-bed facility produces a net operating margin of 23% of revenues, and the other facility only yields a 16% margin, there should be big differences in the asking prices per bed - if the asking price for the lower margin facility were, for example, $25,000 per bed, the asking price for your facility could easily be $35,900, and potentially much more.