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(Greek mythology) a wise old counselor to the Greeks at Troy

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The advantage was short lived however, as Marray, when serving for the set, sent a volley wide to allow Nestor and Mirnyi to restore parity and subsequently take the first set into a tie-break.
Chairman of the Academy, Nestor Tobias thanked MTC for the handsome donation and gave his assurance that the money will go a long way to develop grassroots boxing.
Nestor chose a home in Florida with a $356,435 price tag.
Nestor and Mirnyi clinched the opening set tiebreak 7-3 before conceding serve once in the second set as Cabal and Argentina s Schwank, who beat the world number one Bryan brothers on route to the final, levelled.
Nestor, who has won the other three grand slams with Mark Knowles, added: "We came together to play because we thought we had a greater chance of winning grand slams and we've won two already.
While there has been a trend in the state in recent years to have the fire and police stations under one roof, Chief Nestor said he can understand why some police chiefs might be opposed to that idea.
Nestor said his spot now is around 1,500 square feet.
On "Susan," his role on the Brooke Shields sitcom required that Nestor speak with a thick accent, nothing like the erudite Harvard grad actually sounds.
Nestor Ray says: "Young people need to feel things, to communicate with the opposite sex; in ordinary bars and clubs, you can't even scream a conversation, you can't dance together, and there's no romanticism whatsoever.
Nestor struggled through the Westmeath game but performed well enough to merit inclusion again.
Coventry Contract Services heavy goods driver Peter Nestor, aged 40, of Purcell Road, Courthouse Green, admitted two charges of exceeding permitted working hours.
Nestor Inc, a Providence, Rhode Island decision support software house, has filed a lawsuit against HNC Software Inc claiming patent and antitrust violations.
ATS), the second largest provider of red-light and speed cameras in North America, announced the acquisition of Nestor Traffic Systems, Inc.
8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Argo Systems, Pay TV's Business Engine, announced today that Suddenlink has implemented Argo's Nestor software to control programming costs and optimize accounting operations.
WORCESTER Nestor Toro, 74, passed away Wednesday, August 13, at his home, 26 Mann Street.