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(classical mythology) a hero noted for his strength

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Tenable's new Nessus scanner, available soon in the AWS Marketplace, targets and assesses Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in multiple AWS accounts and reports data back to Nessus Cloud or Nessus Manager, making it easy to include AWS vulnerability assessment results in an overall vulnerability management program.
Tenable's Nessus portfolio is trusted by organizations with the most stringent security needs, including the U.
This new feature is available immediately for Nessus, Perimeter Service and SecurityCenter customers.
The Nessus Security Scanner works on the concept of plug-in architecture.
Well, actually, you arm wrestle an inanimate Nessus connected to a strength-measuring meter.
Contract Awarded for Nessus Security Center License and Services
Import scans: Import and analyze Nessus v1 XML, Qualys XML, and Rapid7 XML reports
Nessus, Snort, & Ethereal power tools; customizing open source security applications.
Nessus is an open-source scanner that runs on the Linux operating system and can scan various devices on the network to see whether these devices are vulnerable to exploitation.
Guardent's Managed Security Services are based upon TeraGuard, an open service delivery platform that makes it possible to deploy any combination of security technologies, including NetScreen, Check Point, Cisco, ISS, Snort and Nessus.
There is a drawing by Filippino of Nessus and Deianira in the Stockholm National Museum, but Hercules shot the centaur Nessus through the heart, not the hoof, when Nessus tried to abduct Hercules's wife Deianira.
The authors, who are managers at Ernst & Young's advanced security center, discuss Nessus, Ettercap, Hydra, Nikto, the Metasploit framework, the PMD tool, Linux kernel modules, network sniffers, and packet injectors.
Stephenson also explains that "Tenable's Nessus active scanner [and] its Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) captures vulnerabilities in static assets, transient systems and cloud access, reducing exposure to zero-day disclosed vulnerabilities and out-of-cycle emergency patches.
and Price (McAfee) explain how to code with the Nessus Attack Scripting language (NASL), and program Berkeley software distribution (BSD), Windows, and Java sockets that will provide secure network connections.
The company's flagship vulnerability management products, Nessus and SecurityCenter, are used by the most demanding security professionals and compliance auditors at 15,000 organizations worldwide.