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a rich frozen pudding made of chopped chestnuts and maraschino cherries and candied fruits and liqueur or rum

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It is likely, from various references to the countess in Mein Leben, and from the story of her life as recounted by Constantin Photiades in La "Symphonie en blanc majeur": Marie Kalergis nee comtesse Nesselrode (1822-1874) (Paris: Plon, 1924), that Wagner was not a stranger to her bed.
Yet when later that year Count Nesselrode attempted to persuade Allied diplomats that Talleyrand supported the Bourbon Restoration "in his heart," they roared with laughter.
Pudding a la Nesselrode 40 chestnuts Water One pound of sugar One stick vanilla One pint double cream 12 egg yolks Three egg whites One glass Maraschino brandy One plateful whipped cream One ounce candied lemon peel, two ounces currants, two ounces raisins, all soaked overnight in Maraschino brandyTake 40 chestnuts and blanch in boiling water, pound them and add a few spoonfuls of syrup, and then press through a sieve.
They seem to have consulted archives around the world and most of the accounts written by the participants in the "Tournament of Shadows," a phrase attributed in the prologue to Count Nesselrode.
Judge Cynthia Nesselrode said submissions ranged from poetry to ``top 10 reasons in David Letterman format.
Mark Nesselrode, commanding officer of the Tactical Training Group Atlantic (TACTRAGRULANT) in Dam Neck, Va.
If they began to run low, we could restrict their speed, and they had to tell us how they were going to refuel to stay in the game," said Nesselrode.
Nesselrode, having British naval commanders participating provided valuable insight into the UK's rules of engagement.
Nesselrode was elected as Vice President, Engineering and Business Development.
Nesselrode joined Harvest Natural Resources in November 2003, and was elected as a vice president in December.