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the electrical discharge that travels along a nerve fiber

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Billions of nerve impulses take a trip during all the human brain and nerves.
A nerve impulse, proves human electricity in the body.
One possibility: both may constrict tiny arteries that supply blood to the inner ear, damaging cells that convert sound vibrations into nerve impulses.
summarizes extensive preclinical research which demonstrated that transplantation of the company's neural stem cells in an animal model of severe myelin deficiency results in new myelin which enhanced the conductivity of nerve impulses.
These free radicals could produce an electrical voltage across the retina, thus controlling the nerve impulses from the eye to the brain, he suggested.
One possibility might be that both factors cause constriction of tiny arteries that supply blood to the inner ear and damage cells that convert sound vibrations into nerve impulses.
The study shows that the genders differ in how each transmits the nerve impulses that control muscle force.
He begins with an analysis of how it constructs a representation of the outside world from the nerve impulses it receives - which prove to be few in number, requiring it to fill in a great deal of information.
Cardiac ablation is the scarring of microscopic areas of the heart to block nerve impulses responsible for the arrhythmia.
The scientists placed isolated glial cells, which do not carry nerve impulses but still provide essential neural support, in culture and then deprived them of oxygen and glucose for 5 hours.
Waxman went on to show that, remark| ably, the demyelinated nerve fiber can rebuild itself, acquiring enough sodium channels to conduct nerve impulses again.
1 : a bundle of nerve fibers that carries messages in the form of nerve impulses to or away from the brain and spinal cord
Fifteen years later Dr Otto Leowi was to receive the Nobel Prize for his research into the nerve impulses that were to help many who suffer from Parkinson's disease and depression.
Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel at up to 170mph.
There, odor receptors, or nerve cells, translate the molecules into nerve impulses (electric signals).