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a protein that is involved in the growth of peripheral nerve cells


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In this review, we describe the most recent advances in the functions of brain derived nerve growth factor (BDNF), a major type of neurotrophins, focusing primarily on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
In one experiment, geneticists determined that a particular docking site for nerve growth factors plays a role in the success of some nerve cell connections.
Geron Corporation (Nasdaq: GERN) today reported that studies show GRNOPC1, the company's human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-based oligodendroglial progenitor therapeutic, produces multiple nerve growth factors, proteins that stimulate the survival and regeneration of neurons damaged during spinal cord injury.
The second hypothesis is that nerve growth factors, which encourage new neural cell growth but which decrease with age, account for the drop in neurogenesis.
For example, when his group exposes the cultured cells to brain chemicals called nerve growth factors, the cells divide normally until they fill the culture dish, gradually differentiating into mature neurons.
BLSI's products in development include: ALTROPANE(R) and FLUORATEC(TM) radioimaging agents for the diagnosis of PD and ADHD; Inosine and AF-1, nerve growth factors for the treatment of acute and chronic CNS disorders; Troponin I, a naturally-occurring anti-angiogenesis factor for the treatment of solid tumors; and novel therapies for the treatment of PD and ADHD.