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Ranatra schuhi is also notable among Nepidae in general for its striking color pattern on the hemelytra, consisting of a red ground color overlain with yellow maculations and flecking, and with the veins creamy white with black dashes.
Hemiptera Nabidae Hoplistoscelis Hemiptera Nepidae Ranatra Hemiptera Notonectidae Notonecta Hemiptera Pentatomidae Banasa Hemiptera Pentatomidae Brochymena Hemiptera Pentatomidae Brochymena Hemiptera Pentatomidae Euschistus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Euschistus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Mormidea Hemiptera Pentatomidae Podisus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Thyanta Hemiptera Pentatomidae Unident.
Brief history of Cuban aquatic and semiaquatic Heteroptera: In the 19th century, the classic work of Guerin-Meneville (1857) listed 14 species (not including synonyms and misidentified species) of aquatic and semiaquatic Heteroptera from Cuba, belonging to the families Saldidae, Gerridae, Hydrometridae, Veliidae, Belostomatidae, Corixidae, Naucoridae, Nepidae, and Notonectidae.
30) Nepidae 19 18--Porcion interocular de longitud mayor que la anteocular (ver regiones de la cabeza en Fig.
C4, C6 Trepobates pictus (Herrich-Schaeffer): B1, B3, C1 Trepobates subnitidus Esaki: B2, C2, C3 Family Mesoveliidae Mesovelia mulsanti White: A12, C4 Family Nepidae Ranatrafusca Palisot: A2, A8, A13 Family Notonectidae Notonecta irrorata Uhler: A11, B3, B4, C10 Family Pleidae Neoplea striola (Fieber): A2, B2, C5 Family Veliidae Microvelia spp.
Season Order Family Dry Rainy Diptera Chironomidae 7755 19621 Ceratopogonidae 39 605 Chaoboridae 0 414 Tabanidae 0 5 Empididae 0 1 Hemiptera Notonectidae 7 153 Corixidae 0 1055 Belastomatidae 0 52 Vellidae 0 11 Nepidae 0 7 Naucoridae 66 29 Noteridae 0 15 Hydrometridae 0 1 Coleoptera Girynidae 0 124 Elmidae 0 12 Dytiscidae 0 3 Curcullionidae 0 2 Hidrophilidae 0 3 Ptylodactilidae 0 1 Torrindicolidae 0 1 Staphylinidae 0 1 Scirtidae 0 3 Ephemeroptera Caenidae 183 869 Baetidae 532 470 Leptohyphidae 4 255 Leptophlebiidae 3 1 Odonata Libellulidae 74 447 Coenagrionidae 44 400 Gomphidae 0 1 Trichoptera Polycentropodidae 801 880 Hydroptilidae 0 67 Leptoceridae 5 5 Lepidoptera Pirallidae 0 1 Total 9513 25515
Ademas citan por primera vez las familias Gelastocoridae, Naucoridae y Nepidae (Nepomorpha); Hydrometridae, Veliidae, y Mesoveliidae (Gerromorpha).
However, because we were interested in evaluating Hemiptera known to bite humans, the families Belostomatidae, Naucoridae, and Nepidae also were included, although each represented <2% of total collections.