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the pathological process that results in the formation and growth of a tumor

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Normal skeletal muscle fibers adjacent to the neoplastic tissue were positive for desmin and myogenin but negative for [alpha]-SMA (Fig 2).
We report this case as an interesting example of different possibilities and as a case in which many unusual events happened: a) a malignant transformation of ABC or possible non representative tissue sample, b) a solid tumor phase in which the neoplastic tissue had morphological features of giant cell tumor with malignancy or osteosarcoma c) inguinal lymph node metastasis from the secondary developed osteosarcoma or late lymph node metastasis from the first misdiagnosed lesion instead a pulmonary one.
Grossly, neoplastic tissue had invaded and destroyed the entire orbital contents, ocular adnexa, other soft tissue and surrounding bones (Fig.
Representative slides with satisfactory amount of neoplastic tissue were selected by two pathologists (VM and TJ).
For all LOH studies, neoplastic tissue was evaluated simultaneously with normal colonic mucosal tissue from the same patient.
Analysis results for DNA from blood or from nonneoplastic tissue of 75 patients with gastric cancer invariably were the same as those for neoplastic tissue, excluding the possibility that MBL2 haplotypes were altered by somatic mutations.
This overlap can obscure existing neoplastic tissue, and also can create the illusion of a lesion where no true lesion is present.
In consideration of the occupational history, and after further diagnostic procedures had failed to identify the hypothetical primitive tumor, immunostaining of the neoplastic tissue was performed.
This enzyme, which maintains the telomeric ends of chromosomes, is silenced in almost all normal somatic tissue but is active in up to 95% of neoplastic tissue, including breast tumors.
The IHC HER2 Breast Tissue Tunable Image Analysis application is intended for use as an aid to the pathologist and accessory to the Dako HerceptTest[TM] to aid in the detection and semi-quantitative measurement of HER2/new (c-erbB-2) in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded normal and neoplastic tissue.
Histologic examination of the right wing revealed the neoplastic tissue had proliferated throughout the entire humerus except for the humeral head, destroying the bone and infiltrating into the medullary cavity.
Methods: One hundred and eight tissue samples from the patients with endometrial cancer enrolled in our hospital from August 2011 to July 2014 were selected, including 60 normal tissue samples (normal group), 60 neoplastic tissue samples (neoplastic group) and 60 cancer tissue samples (cancer group).
It was observed in the microscopic examination that the neoplastic tissue was composed of pleomorphic cells with ovoid-spindle shaped nuclei, pleomorphic polygonal cells with apparent nucleoli, and numerous multinuclear giant cells (Figure 1, part E).
Recurrence is very high if tumour is simply enucleated because small inconspicuous nodules attached by threadlike filaments of neoplastic tissue may be present surrounding the main mass.
The four sites, as well as Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Nantes, France, are expected to enroll up to 110 patients in a study, known as DONT BIOPCE (Detection Of Neoplastic Tissue in Barrett's Esophagus with In vivO Probe-based Confocal Endomicroscopy) to confirm these results (ClinicalTrials.