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Immunoblotting analyses of changes in protein phosphorylations during oocyte maturation in marine nemertean worms.
Germinal vesicle breakdown is not fully dependent on MAPK activation in maturing oocytes of marine nemertean worms.
5-HT causes an increase in cAMP that stimulates, rather than inhibits, oocyte maturation in marine nemertean worms.
In these experiments, nemertean worms were maintained in the laboratory in seawater (practical salinity [S] = 31) at 16-17 [degrees]C and fed with Tubifex sp.
The wet weight of nemertean worms was 9-39 mg (mean [+ or -] SD = 19.
Nemertean worms that had been gliding slowly in their containers became restless and repeatedly dilated the mouth when Tubifex was added.
A comparative ultrastructural analysis of spermatogenesis in nemertean worms.
However, the nemertean worms lack follicle cells and therefore the resulting signaling that takes place between follicles and oocytes in mammals.