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English comedienne and mistress of Charles II (1650-1687)

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The plot mechanics hold up in subsequent scenes that cast Behn as an enthusiastically reckless lover, dallying with both the king and Nell Gwynne (Kelly Hutchinson), the celebrated actress who became his longtime and publicly acknowledged mistress.
His many mistresses included the beautiful Barbara Villiers, played by Helen McCrory, and theatre star Nell Gwynne, played by Emma Pierson.
Catharine loyally stays by the king's side right up to his death 23 years later - apart from the times when has bedding a long list of mistresses --from Nell Gwynne to the X-rated Countess of Castlemaine -and fathering countless children.
At the same time as The Baroness was winning the claimer a slightly more significant event was going on at Newmarket where Khulood made all to win the Nell Gwynne.
Nell Gwynne, orange-seller, actress and prostitute, became the mistress of Charles II and the mother of two of his children.
One woman was reduced to tears on television when she saw her transformed Nell Gwynne dining room, another described her room - turned into the Australian outback - as 'a nightmare'.
Some say his last words to his brother James were: "Don't let poor Nellie starve"- a reference to his favourite mistress Nell Gwynne.
Some say his last words to his brother James were "Don't let poor Nellie starve"- a reference to his favourite mistress Nell Gwynne.
On our route we stumbled upon the Nell Gwynne, a pub straight out of Dickensian London down an alleyway off Covent Garden (2 Bull Inn Court, London WC2R 0NP).
The firm is on site in Dubai installing the pounds 400,000 interior of the Nell Gwynne pub and restaurant - as well as manufacturing a period-style mahogany bar and seating for a traditional English pub in Franklin, USA.
Cheshire Rural Touring Arts has announced its new autumn season, which begins on September 26 in Tattenhall, with a one-woman show about the life of Nell Gwynne.
And there was passion all right, what with Nell Gwynne and her trusty heaving bosom and more mistresses than you could shake a stick at.
SOMEBODY has told me Nell Gwynne was an actress, but I thought she was a famous mistress.
She also had her first leading role as Nell Gwynne in England, My England.