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Danish physicist who studied atomic structure and radiations

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Manjit Kumar's book has a fair share of Planck but is widely hyped as an account of the spat between two other Titans -- Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein.
FRINGE: Michael Frayn's drama Copenhagen speculates on what happened at the meeting in 1941 between German physicist Werner Heisenberg and his Danish counterpart, Neils Bohr.
The main protagonists were Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein.
Neils Bohr had talked to Oppenheimer in 1944 about the need to institute international control of nuclear technology, and Isidor Rabi reinforced this view in talks with Oppenheimer in late 1943.
Here, she is cast as the wife of Neils Bohr, the mentor to German physicist Werner Heisenberg.
Jaki's essay, more than twice as long as any other, is amazingly critical of a wide cross section of major intellectual figures and institutions: Neils Bohr is described as "pathetic" (71); Laplace was a "consummate chameleon" (73); Herbert Spencer "spun philosophical fairy tales" (74); Luther and Calvin were "mystery mongers" (79); Nehru made a "laughing stock of himself" (79); modern universities breed "a subspecies best called spineless vertebrates" (87).
Here's the names of some famous chemists - Neils Bohr, George Washington Carver, Marie Curie, John Dalton, Charles Goodyear, and Dimitri Mendeleev.
It studies at some length not only the three thinkers mentioned in the title, but also Heidegger and Hegel in the section on Tillich, and Neils Bohr and Wemer Heisenberg in two separate chapters.
Whoever really understands classical mechanics knows how to transcend Zeno's paradox; whoever thinks of quantum mechanics in the spirit of Neils Bohr or Max Born is not troubled by the paradox that so worried Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen.
Founded in 1845, editorial contributors to Scientific American have included over 100 Nobel laureates, among them Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Francis Crick, Stanley Prusiner and Harold Varmus.
Table 2 Famous European scientists with scientific units named after them [3] Scientists Nationality Units 1) James Prescott Joule Britain joule 2) Charles Augustine de Coulomb France coulomb 3) James Watt Britain watt 4) Andre Marie Ampere France ampere 5) Georg Simon Ohm Germany ohm 6) Lord Kelvin Britain kelvin 7) Madam Marie Curie Poland curie 8) Nikola Tesla Austria lesla 9) Issac Newton Britain newton 10) Heinrich Hertz Germany hertz 11) Neils Bohr Denmark Bohr magneton
Neils Bohr, the Danish physicist who received the Nobel prize for his work on the structure of the atom, received the first Atoms for Peace Award on October 24, 1957 at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.