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United States playwright noted for light comedies (born in 1927)

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The Worcester County Light Opera Company concludes a season devoted to Neil Simon with its production of "They're Playing Our Song'' April 17-May 3 at its Playhouse, 21 Grandview Ave.
Shelley, an Australian playwright and author of books on film history, traces the screen work of Neil Simon, including adaptations of plays and his original scripts for film and television.
It runs April 28-May 3 at the Neil Simon, which was home to 'Hairspray' until the tuner shuttered in January, reports Variety magazine.
He once described his greatest accomplishment: "I gave Neil Simon and Woody Allen their start in comedy.
Neil Simon has already written several winners, generally about the interaction and traumas of Jewish families in New York (where tragedy of Ancient Greek proportions can irrupt over the wrong ice-cream arriving from the deli).
Call him the gay Neil Simon, accuse him of being formulaic or mechanical or whatever you want, but Paul Rudnick never fails to make me laugh my head off.
Actress Mary Tyler Moore has withdrawn from a new Neil Simon play due to open off-Broadway in two weeks, amid reports of a row with the playwright.
But Marissa, the original star of the hit Broadway musical Hairspray, has been front and center many times when the curtain has risen at New York's Neil Simon Theatre.
The Sunshine Boys: George Burns, in an Oscarwinning role, heads the cast of this comedy based on a Neil Simon play.
Post); Groucho Marx; Liz Taub (Freeport High School student, class of '78); Barbara Bertaccini (Freeport High School English teacher); Oscar Wilde (Irish writer); Neil Simon (American playwright); Terry Hayes (coach); Rick Rosenthal (Hollywood producer); Mary Lou Retton (Olympic gymnast); Ricky Jay (magician); Fred (you know who you are); "Uncle Buck" (John Candy's character in John Hughes' movie by the same name); Rifka, Jacob, and Isabelle (wife, son, and daughter, respectively).
EACH PLAY WAS the beginning of a new life for me," Neil Simon observes of the scripts that poured out of him in the 1970s.
It's hard to associate a flop with the people involved: Bernadette Peters, Martin Short, Neil Simon, Marvin Hamlisch, David Zippel, Graciela Daniels, and Michael Kidd.
Everything works out pretty much for the best, as we knew it would in a Neil Simon comedy.
His satiric wit and improvisational skill are apparent in his work on the stage, including several productions of plays by <IR> NEIL SIMON </IR> , and such films as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966), from the play by <IR> EDWARD ALBEE </IR> ; The Graduate (1967, Academy Award for direction); and Catch-22 (1970), from the book by <IR> JOSEPH HELLER </IR> .
You might well ask yourself, is this Neil Simon we're talking about?