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an ideological position that holds Black culture to be independent and valid on its own terms

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What predominates in his Cahier, despite its affirmation of negritude, is an uprootedness and a search for nationhood in Africa, not his native Martinique.
10) Previous short studies on Firmin and the present text in evaluation in French include the following: Leonce Vivaud, La pesonnalite d'Antenor Firmin (Port-au-Prince: Imprimerie Valcin, 1948); Pradel Pompilus, Antenor Firmin par lui-meme: le champion de la negritude et de la democratie ha'itienne (Port-au-Prince: Editions Pegasus, 1990) ; Firmin's biographer, Price-Mars highlights two important studies on Firmin: the first is by historian H.
To be sure, both negrismo and negritude ("different in name but not in substance" |11~) were epochal moments in Caribbean and, for that matter, world literary and political culture.
Brent Hayes Edwards' The Practice of Diaspora (2003) documents the post-World War I international linkages between Africans and Afro-descendants in the Franco-phone Caribbean, Paris, and North America, which resulted in the formation of the Negritude movement.
In the case of the Caribbean, although Suzanne Cesaire, Suzanne Lacascade, and Paulette and Jane Nardal contributed to the Negritude revue Tropiques in the 1920s and 1930s, their impact politically was overshadowed by the notoriety of male authors such as Aime Cesaire, Leopold Senghor, and Leon Damas.
Martinique has a long history of literary factions (such as Negritude and antillanite).
In the domain of pan-Africanism, Negritude and other counterdiscourses of Western imperialism coloured 'black' ironically endorsed the exclusion of North Africa on a spurious reading of pigmentation and the latter's largely Arabised cultural reality.
This ideology recalls the 1930's Negritude of Aime Cesaire and Leopold Senghor as a project to restore dignity and humanity to black peoples everywhere.
Senghor and Negritude -- J'accuse, mais je pardonne," and "Negritude and the Gods of Equity.
What we are witnessing in a new form in Roediger's theory, the tension between race and class in the quest for social equality, is also embedded in the issues of solidarity of the African revolutions--for example, in Fanon's strictures on Sartre's conception of negritude in his 1948 essay "Orphee Noir.
I could do with some negritude, anything to keep me warm.
The historical perspective is enriched by material on the culture, manners, and morals of particular periods, often highlighting the connection between literary activities and politics, such as the Negritude Movement.
Literary strains of negritude and consciencism in Joseph Brahim Seid: envisioning nation and a new multicultural Chadian identiy
Central concepts such as the Black Atlantic, colonial discourse, ethnicity, globalization, identity politics, and negritude are portrayed alongside neighboring disciplines such as Chicano/a studies, travel writing, and utopian writing.