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  • verb

Synonyms for negotiate

Synonyms for negotiate

to argue about the terms, as of a sale

to bring about or come to an agreement concerning

to pass by or over safely or successfully

Synonyms for negotiate

succeed in passing through, around, or over

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The negotiators had been slapped with criminal charges including murder and thus, it had not been that easy to secure their release for the sake of the talks.
The post Leaders' Monday meeting postponed to facilitate negotiators appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Briefly, sex-matched negotiators simulated deadlocked discussions between business partners who had opposing views over a production decision.
In the eleventh hour, the group engaged Swap Negotiators as their representative for the transaction.
Simultaneously working closely with the command cell and other cells, hostage negotiators must be able to lead an extremely emotional suspect to a state in which the suspect can begin to rationalize about the situation at hand.
On the high seas, negotiators tried to facilitate the safe retrieval of a ship captain after he was captured by Somali pirates.
The final push for peace in Kenya continued at a secret location yesterday as top negotiators said the opposition had proposed sharing power with the government for two years and then holding new elections.
Whether it is negotiating a merger, fundraising, advocating social justice or talking with family members, master negotiators know how to implement the right strategy and the right tool in the right way at the right time.
Management negotiators agreed for the district to fully fund health benefits, costing an additional $60 million, he said.
EU negotiators are wary about appearing to yield too much to US demands regarding the supply of personal records given widespread European public misgivings over President George W.
Police negotiators and the marine division were called to the scene along with the Blyth Lifeboat shortly after 4pm on Wednesday.
Every decision we make as negotiators goes through a chain of command.
Interest-based resolution (IBR) is a tool that trained negotiators use to achieve better results.
If the Peruvian trade negotiators and politicians in Congress get their way, discussions on intellectual property rights would move beyond guaranteeing protection of music, books or software.
For over 4 days, the subject repeatedly demanded, threatened, and attempted to manipulate negotiators into bringing his girlfriend to the location.