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a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative)

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According to a recent study published by Taiwan's Forestry Bureau, a forest park situated in the mountainous areas of Sanxia District of New Taipei City contains a far higher concentration of negative ions than any other national forest park in the country.
The researchers produced a model in which a single negative ion from the solid-state electrolyte is replaced with a negative cluster ion.
Negative ions still influenced the cells' response to a given salt, with the effect of the negative ion remaining dependent on the ion's size.
When the LED is turned on, the wick starts releasing negative ions in the air.
The quadrupoles are available in mass range options up to 16,000 amu with ppb detection capability and resolution characteristics that include a single detector capable of measuring neutrals, positive ions and negative ions.
With two speeds, three heat settings, and a built-in ionic generator that emits pure negative ions, hair is dried fast and easily styled to reveal smooth, shiny, frizz-free results.
One reason that sea air is so invigorating is that it's charged with healthy negative ions that boost oxygen uptake, ease asthma, and balance levels of those feel-good brain chemicals so that we feel calmer and happier.
Beyond fighting germs, Par'sk said the Upskin coating also generates negative ions, which allegedly neutralize radiation.
Sharp's 90-inch TV screen was used as a background and was overlaid with an artistic tree in the left corner, signifying the multi-cultural world we live in, and positive and negative ions emanate off the tree, representing the natural ios that Sharp's latest Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology is able to recreate.
An electrically energised emitter at the discharge end fills the entire airstream with positive and negative ions capable of neutralising high static charges in a fraction of a second.
In the theoretical study of photo-detachment of negative ions, the detached-electronicwave function is necessary to compute electron flux and total cross-section for the system under study.
The detector comprises a high-sensitivity microchannel plate, a high-speed scintillator and a photomultiplier, which can detect both positive and negative ions with 30 kV isolation.
By using ITMS trace technology to analyse both positive and negative ions simultaneously from a single sample, Itemiser DX is said to offer unparalleled detection capabilities.
Ionic Balance bracelets help balance the negative ions within your body, the result is notable and well documented.