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the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior

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The choice to emphasize either the positive or negative externality in the mirrored set shapes the array of policy prescriptions we are likely to consider.
The intellectual underpinnings for the expansion of selective taxation of sin goods and other disfavored goods are built on a welfare economics argument--namely, that penalizing buyers and thereby controlling a negative externality will help to limit the production of these public "bads.
Criticisms of the viability of bargaining solutions within a Coasean framework, especially in addressing negative externality problems such as pollution, have been numerous.
To provide one example, traffic congestion is a negative externality in which one person's decision to drive harms others.
In other words, the study also suggests that where formal institutions are weak, activities having negative externality could be curtailed through informal institutions such as social norms and peer effect.
Any contract that adversely affects children could be characterized as inflicting a negative externality.
the activity that produces the negative externality is the
Third, efforts by potential targets to avoid being victims of hate crime may generate a negative externality.
Limiting insurance coverage through deductibles, or selling "at-fault" insurance, can partially internalize this negative externality and thus improve individual and social welfare.
Finally, they consider alternatives to the present governance of sport, addressing whether sport should be seen as a public good or a private good, as well as doping as a negative externality of the sporting spectacle.
If non-obese individuals truly pay some of the higher health care costs of the obese, the best solution would be to correct this negative externality through imposing surcharges on health insurance premiums of the obese.
Given that foreclosed properties generally sell at a discount, a natural question arises as to whether these distressed properties, in turn, put downward sales price pressure on nearby properties, resulting in a negative externality.