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the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior

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The presence and effect of negative externalities in the energy sector are well documented, as pollution is a classic example of a negative externality responsible for market failure.
The choice to emphasize either the positive or negative externality in the mirrored set shapes the array of policy prescriptions we are likely to consider.
The intellectual underpinnings for the expansion of selective taxation of sin goods and other disfavored goods are built on a welfare economics argument--namely, that penalizing buyers and thereby controlling a negative externality will help to limit the production of these public "bads.
Global warming is a negative externality and the abatement of GHG emissions is a global public good.
In the history of welfare economics, the classical approach to solving negative externality problems, such as pollution, was through the use of regulation, or what Mill (1871) termed "authoritative" solutions, "in which certain types of conduct are prescribed or proscribed" (Medema 2009: 37).
This "pigovian" tax should be equal in size to the negative externality caused by consumption.
At the same time, that person using the subway or road is crowding out a part of the infrastructure's potential use by others--a negative externality.
Based on the idea of negative externality discussed above, the present study examines whether the negative externality of littering can be internalised by associating a cost to the act by imposing a fine on the litterers.
A negative externality is the harm a contract inflicts on third persons who are not parties to the contract.
A negative externality refers to the adverse effect of one's activity on others that is not reflected in market prices.
imposes a new negative externality on all the other victims.
Hadjistasou stressed that the switch to alternative sources of energy was not without an environmental cost itself, with the release of pollutants such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere constituting an example of a negative externality that is usually overlooked in debates for green policies.
Third, efforts by potential targets to avoid being victims of hate crime may generate a negative externality.