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Synonyms for mudslinging

an attempt to destroy someone's reputation

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Avoiding negative campaigning eliminates criticism of your opponent and, if he or she is the frontrunner, it may help assure victory for that candidate.
Sarwar said: "She is right to say there has been a lot of negative campaigning.
While negative campaigning is obviously not new, it is now more predictable and intense.
I bet you're tired of people promising bad reform just as you must be tired of all this negative campaigning.
Hopefully, this will help clean up all the negative campaigning and dirty tricks that go on.
All who rue the current levels of negative campaigning - including some campaign professionals alongside the legions of political scientists, journalists and social commentators - may see a glimmer of encouragement in these cases.
But, negative campaigning has a negative side effect; able and decent people are opting out of politics.
Negative campaigning has been a focus of political communication studies (see, e.
That's because negative campaigning has limited appeal and because--like it or not--the Christian right genuinely represents a solid minority of Americans.
If the messages sent during the campaign fail to meet the prescribed standard, the new group will "privately advise, admonish, and--if necessary--publicly bring political pressure to bear upon any candidate, campaign or constituency group indulging in negative campaigning.
According to the statement, "Neither racism, sexism, ageism, nor xenophobia is well disguised in some of these attacksOWe are particularly shocked by statements distinguishing some citizens as 'real Americans,' apparently implying that other American citizens are something less than 'real'OWe call on both the Obama-Biden Campaign and the McCain-Palin Campaign, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, candidates for offices across the land and all who support any of these to turn away from negative campaigning, racism, sexism, and lies that separate Americans.
I'D like to thank Jane East for her reply to my concerns about the negative campaigning of the Labour Party locally.
Negative campaigning has been a central part of every UK election in history.
THE "go home" vans that the Tories have introduced, not only show them as the party that relies on negative campaigning, but shows the true right-wing for what they really are.