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articles of clothing worn about the neck

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We meet the ethically driven personal injury attorney Peter Moss, who, sporting his Jerry Garcia neckware, battles the Vietnam ghosts of his past and other bitter disappointments by fighting for justice for his clients.
Always known for loud ties, every member of his firm showed up wearing some of Gifford's colorful neckware, including an ardent UF fan who worean FSU tie.
Please study the following ad copy written for a prominent men's store in Boston: "We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Holiday neckware collection from Salvatore Ferragamo.
Never wear gloves, long loose sleeves, a blousy shirt, neckware, or a front-tied apron when using a rotary tool lest the loose fabric catch on the wheel or tool and pull you in.
Nevertheless, trendy items, neckware and pendants give the category its flash.