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a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore

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The neck strap can continue to be used with disposable support pouches.
On this occasion, due to the intensity of the fire, the neck strap was slightly exposed to the fire and was damaged, but none of the firefighters were in any danger at all.
To Olson, however, the biggest risk with a neck strap or any other rough handling is the loss of feathers or torn skin.
The Rampage 20-60x60mm spotting scope kit includes a 20 x 60x, center-focus spotting scope, tripod, view-through soft case, neoprene neck strap and lens caps.
The lenses are arsenic- and lead-free EcoGlass; the neck strap and carrying case are made from TENCEL, a sustain able, biodegradable Euclalyptus wood pulp fiber.
He was strangled to death, possibly with the neck strap of his mobile phone which was found later in the park.
To carry it is a simple adjustable shoulder or neck strap.
Features include an electrode, 20 TISAB reagent tablets, a sensor cap, four 3-V button batteries, and a neck strap.
The absence of a neck strap eliminates the discomfort common with heavy weight aprons with neck straps that seem to cut in to the back of the wearer's neck.
A simple neck strap included with each system replaces the bulky and restrictive headgear common to most other interfaces.
5x50 weighs only 30 ounces and may be comfortably worn on a neck strap for instant access in the field.
She was so gentle that she could be led by her neck strap.
This same size is used on the neck strap with 5 beads on each stitch.
A neck strap lets you wear it as a miniature MP3 player that plays through the earbud headphones that are included.