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the line formed by the edge of a garment around the neck

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Then sew the two work shirts together on the right side starting at one lower back edge, up and along the neck line and down the other back.
They wore strapless coral, flowing, floor length chiffon dresses with an empire waist and sweetheart neck line.
He then knelt beside her and grabbed her top at the neck line with suf-ficient force that it ripped, the court heard.
The base population of naked neck line was developed after four successive generations of backcrossing and is maintained under mild selection pressure for six week body weight for the last six generations.
That neck pounds 35 A glass Bonterra The That takes this Amelie top, with symmetric neck line, loose knot and rouched detail, from pounds 35 down to just pounds 8.
The Go Go ($119) is designed to fit babies correctly, utilizing knit fabrics so the bib tits snugly around the body and neck line.
These patients present with winging of the scapula accentuated by shoulder abduction, drooping of the affected shoulder and asymmetry of the neck line [3].
He is wearing a dark top with the slogan New York, with a zip near the neck line, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a dark T-shirt underneath.
Atkinson's company doesn't sell spaghetti straps, for instance, and will take popular styles and raise the neck line or lower the hemline of a skirt.
John himself sports a motley collection of tattoos which he says will eventually become one complete ongoing work of art stretching from his ankles to his neck line.
All-over floral, beaded chiffon jumpsuit with long sleeves, decollete neck line and removable six-tier, floor-length, pleated skirt with open front and wide cummerbund at waist, by Balestra.
Tenders are invited for Design Supply Erection Testing & Commissioning Of 25 Kv Ac Single Phase Ohe For The Work Of 18 Coaches Facility In Motichur Rwl Hrw Yard And Extension Of Shunting Neck Line No.
DAY 16: "This look was simple really - just a black vest top underneath to raise the neck line a little, a pink cardigan, black tights and some studded pumps.
History Repeated is a collection which fuses period references with vintage "worn-in" and well- loved hair, from Pre-Raphaelite lengths romantically tucked behind ears with flirting wisps, 1920s Marcel waves tumbling loosely around the neck line with lived-in feel, to regal and rolled "faux bobs" with strong centre partings.