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the line formed by the edge of a garment around the neck

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I also have a Red Naked Neck line listed on my website which is selected for exhibition qualities, not meat.
He is wearing a dark top with the slogan New York, with a zip near the neck line, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a dark T-shirt underneath.
Atkinson's company doesn't sell spaghetti straps, for instance, and will take popular styles and raise the neck line or lower the hemline of a skirt.
John himself sports a motley collection of tattoos which he says will eventually become one complete ongoing work of art stretching from his ankles to his neck line.
Featuring ornate floral print, and a plunging neck line, you'll embody femininity.
It was Paris Fashion Week last week and everyone was talking about designer Alexandre Vauthier's show where one of the models appeared in a dress with an off-centre halter neck line completely exposing one of her breasts.
DAY 16: "This look was simple really - just a black vest top underneath to raise the neck line a little, a pink cardigan, black tights and some studded pumps.
History Repeated is a collection which fuses period references with vintage "worn-in" and well- loved hair, from Pre-Raphaelite lengths romantically tucked behind ears with flirting wisps, 1920s Marcel waves tumbling loosely around the neck line with lived-in feel, to regal and rolled "faux bobs" with strong centre partings.
Not only can you apply it as a lip gloss, it can be used to give shine to cheeks, eye lids and any where else you might fancy adding a slight light glow (I rub it on my shoulders and neck line too if I'm going out).
With its thin spaghetti straps, short hemline, V-cut neck line and tassled detail, it's obviously a formula that works for Julien, as this dress was also a dead ringer for the one that helped Joely Richardson become a household name several years ago.
Our sensational body is trimmed with top quality English lace on the neck line and legs and is styled for a flattering cut, featuring a daring low-cut back.
Hostess Carol Vorderman looked sensational in a gold strapless fishtail gown and later changed into a red duchess silk satin dress with an off-the-shoulder neck line.