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(Old Testament) king of Chaldea who captured and destroyed Jerusalem and exiled the Israelites to Babylonia (630?-562 BC)

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I study history," he said, "and the power structure of the Middle East has not changed in 3,000 years, since the days of Nebuchadrezzar and Xerxes.
The Hanging Gardens, built by Nebuchadrezzar II (605-562 B.
Daniel Biblical character, a wise and pious Jew who lived in the 6th century BC at the court of Nebuchadrezzar II (Nebuchadnezzar) during the period of the Babylonian exile.
was the first year of King Nebuchadrezzar of Bavbylon.
Thus Nebuchadrezzar could proclaim that the temples and fortresses he restored in Babylon "were firmly laid on the Apsu--isissu Apsa usarsid [10] --and that their foundations were the very image of the Apsu--isissa mihrat Apsi.