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a port and tourist center in southwestern Italy

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Cette decouverte nous a permis d'etablir avec certitude que Neapolis etait un centre majeur pour la fabrication du garum et des poissons sales, probablement le plus grand centre du monde romain", a declare Fantar.
INTERNATIONAL NEAPOLIS FESTIVAL FOR KIDS' THEATRE: At Tunisia's 28th celebration of theatre for young audiences--which includes workshops encouraging the development of theatremakers' craft, and kid activities such as a hip-hop movement class--puppetry continues to be a major focus.
Ford, of Min neapolis, gave the world the farm tractor that bears his name, he rendered a great public service to mankind.
The Neapolis project is considered to be the most ambitious construction challenge.
650), obispo de Neapolis en Chipre (hoy Limassol), es casi un desconocido.
Nablus is the Arabic version of Neapolis, the town founded by the Emperor Vespasian some 1940 years ago, after he destroyed the nearby Jewish town of Sichem or Shechem.
7 LifeScience Alley's lOth Annual Conference & Expo, Min neapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minn.
Two millennia ago, the Romans abandoned the original site and built a new city to the west, calling it Flavius Neapolis.
Relieved Luke, who denies he killed Chelsea, went for a beer with his family when he emerged from Neapolis prison in the afternoon, having been told by authorities he can go anywhere in Greece, rather than being confined to Crete.
After six top three albums, their 1998 CD Neapolis charted at 19 and its follow-up Neon Light came in at 141.
In Neapolis, Thessaloniki, the Congress brought together the Department of Theology of the Aristotle University, and the Volos Academy of the Metropolis of Demetrias some 60 participants from 35 countries from all over the world.
Lawyer Zoe Lama said her client was released from hospital last night and taken to Neapolis prison, east of the capital.
Naples was founded by the Greeks in the 6th century, long before the Romans got there, and was named Neapolis, meaning new city.
Min neapolis, can perform a variety of leakage and seal-strength tests on flexible, rigid, and porous materials.