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Synonyms for Neandertal

extinct robust human of Middle Paleolithic in Europe and western Asia

relating to or belonging to or resembling Neanderthal man

ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance

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Betty McCollister, "Correcting the Neandertal Stereotype," May/June 1990
They start with the absolute basics, fossils and genes, and work forward to imagine how Neandertals lived among each other, if and how they expressed their thoughts and emotions--whatever those thoughts and emotions may have been.
Ancient members of our species, Homo sapiens, would probably have won long-distance races, while Neandertals might have dominated hilly courses and jumping events.
Until now, anthropologists have hypothesized that Neandertals were outlived by early modern humans due in part to the former's primitive, deficient diet, with some scientists arguing Neandertals' diets were specialized for meat-eating.
While the genome paper takes a first look at this issue, a tremendous amount may be learned about human history by utilizing Neandertal as an outgroup species, rather than the commonly used closest extant relative, chimpanzee (the most recent common ancestor of human and chimp was on the order of 5-7 million years ago).
A parallel study on the same Neandertal sample also appears online in the journal Science this week.
But the new approach completely rules out the alternative scenario without requiring all the extra data, by using only the information from one genome each of several types: Neandertal, European/Asian, African and chimpanzee.
Meyer said: "The fact that the mtDNA of the Sima de los Huesos hominin shares a common ancestor with Denisovan rather than Neandertal mtDNAs is unexpected since its skeletal remains carry Neandertal-derived features.
Archaeologists have found the bones of hunted animals, stone tools used by Neandertals, and even the skeleton of a Neandertal infant.
The runner up to breakthrough of the year is the commencement of Neandertal Genomics.
Sequencing of the Neandertal Genome Will Help to Identify Genetic Changes Responsible for Human Evolution -
From a time much closer to our own and yet still part of the Ice Age Paleolithic, a Neandertal man testifies to the compassion of his era.
17 issue in connection with two of the Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2010: "Reading the Neandertal Genome" and "Homing In on Errant Genes.
Eight 130,000-year-old eagle talons unearthed in Croatia show signs of being strung together and worn as a necklace or bracelet, as Bruce Bower reported in "Cache of eagle claws points to Neandertal jewelry-making" (SN: 4/18/15, p.