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the capital and largest city of Chad

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The East line will run 836 km east from NDjamena to Abeche and Adre on the border with Sudan.
Head of Darfur peace office, Amin Hassan Omer (L) shakes hands with Mohamedain Bashar in Ndjamena on 27 March 2015 (SMC photo)
Ndjamena has resisted considerable pressure to arrest Bashir, who was traveling for the first time to a state that has ratified the Rome accord.
However, Fadi El Abdallah, an ICC representative in The Hague, said that in Ndjamena was obliged as a signatory of the Rome Statute to comply with the arrest warrant.
In NDjamena, Gration will meet with Chadian officials, including President
Chad has long accused Sudan of supporting rebels seeking to oust the government, while Khartoum has charged Ndjamena with backing ethnic minority rebels in the conflict-torn western Sudanese region of Darfur.
Both sides were committed to hold off from "any action likely to damage relations between the two countries", said the statement, which followed talks in Ndjamena between a Sudanese delegation and Chadian ministers.
Its free cataract treatment camp in Ndjamena, organised in collaboration with Saudi-based NGO Al Basar International, successfully treated more than 100 totally blind individuals.
The two days of fierce fighting in Ndjamena last weekend involving tanks and military aircraft as well as the fighters on heavily armed vehicles left at least 160 known dead and hundreds wounded, according to the Chadian Red Cross.
Several Lebanese were trapped Saturday in a shelter in Ndjamena where heavy fighting broke out between Chadian rebels and government forces.
Service becomes daily in June with flights via Ndjamena and Bamako.
However, after co-culture of 31 peripheral blood lymphocyte samples with C6/36 and Vero cell lines collected in NDjamena, Chad, in August to September 2001, two strains of Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) were isolated and identified by using indirect immunofluorescence with a specific mouse ascitic fluid and by using reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and sequencing.
Mahmoud , who arrived in Ndjamena Wednesday heading a delegation involving representatives of Dialogue Mechanism 7+7, Ahmed Saad Omer, Dr Amin Hassan Omer and Kamal Omer, said that he discussed with President Deby security situations in the region and dealing with terrorist groups such as Islamic State (IS) and other groups, referring to identical of views over such matters.
May 13, 2014 (KHARTOUM) -- Chadian president Idris Deby has proposed to meet the leaders of the Darfur holdout rebel groups in Ndjamena to discuss ways to end the 11 year conflict, Sudanese vice-president said on Tuesday.
Douala / Douala - Douala / Ndjamena - Douala / Abeche - Douala / Libreville - Douala / Bangui