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a Bantu language sometimes considered a dialect of Zulu


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In Bulawayo, a number of white suburbs were bestowed with Ndebele names, for instance, Matshemuhlope, Malindela and Khumalo.
meaning one who keeps her/his silence), and the Shona referred to the Native Commissioners as mudzviti, a derogatory term used in referring to the Ndebele who would occasionally raid their grain or who didn't pay tribute during the pre-colonial times.
Ethnic groups: Shona 71%, Ndebele 16%, other African 11%, white 1%, mixed and Asian 1%.
But among Ndebeles, there is no difference between approval of the country's leadership and that of Mugabe's when taking into account the margin of error.
Mugabe claimed his main political rival, Joshua Nkomo, was leading the Ndebeles in an armed rebellion.
The Zulu, Xhosa and Ndebele cultures are highlighted.
The remarkable spatial, formal and decorative qualities of southern Ndebele art and architecture strongly affirm the identity of a displaced people.
The architecture of the southern Ndebele is rooted in its history and context.
Therefore the Ndebeles and the Shona fought racial and not nationalistic wars against the whites in the so-called liberation wars.
He also praises his heroes in their struggles against the Ndebeles and the Whites.
It will be recalled that between 1982 and 1985, at least 20,000 Ndebeles were slaughtered by the Fifth Brigade whilst many more were left homeless.
The leading democratic voices today in Zimbabwe were a big let-down in the 1980s, especially Britain, because they kept quite or remained indifferent when thousands of Ndebele people were exterminated by Zimbabwe government soldiers.
What must be done, they argued, is to work through NGOs, find ways to divide the Shona and the Ndebeles, probe the ruling party for weak spots with a view of subverting it, and generally make Zimbabwe ungovernable.