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a form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader

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Isaiah Berlin observes that 'the distinctive political movements of the twentieth century Fascism, Naziism, Communism but also managerialism (whether progressive or corporate) regarded independent thought with hostility'.
Health, race and German politics between national unification and Naziism, 1870-1945.
Eduard Mueller, Johannes Prassek and Herman Lange were discreet but active in opposing the Nazis by distributing pamphlets and speaking out against Naziism.
Another version of the same idea is to be found in the often-observed bumper sticker of the last few years: "War is not the answer"--even though it quite obviously was the answer to a whole series of questions from the establishment of the United States of America to the defeat of Naziism.
He considered that the issue he wanted to raise went to the heart of the Catholic Church's confrontation with the secularism of his day, and notably with the two great atheistic ideologies, Naziism and Marxism, which had set the agenda for the tortuous history of most of the 20th century.
One point it makes clearly is the connection between relativism, nihilism, and Naziism.
Milton Friedman's mentor, Friedrich van Hayek, had a personal history, so he equated Naziism with big government.
Just over fifteen years later, the great American icon, Charles Lindbergh shamefully urged Americans to stay out of the fight against Naziism and fascism.
In 1933, the Vatican signed the Reichskonkordat with Germany, which did much to further the acceptance of Naziism.
He has apologised, but it will still, understandably, cause offence to Jews, veterans of the Second World War and indeed to anyone who even dimly appreciates the evils of Naziism.
For a long time, the origin of the Third Reich consumed the attention of historians interested in German Naziism.
This has similarities to Hitler and Naziism which led the world to war.
When he wrote, Holmes of course knew nothing of Soviet Communism or German Naziism, but his own experience in the Civil War demonstrated that when ideas differ sharply enough, the truth of one or the other is not settled in the competition of the market but in the slaughter of the battlefield.
References to Naziism as "false," "perverse," "fatal," "disastrous," and overturning morality scarcely sound "guarded" to my ears.
Ophuls left Europe in 1939 because of the rise of Naziism, and although he managed to make his way to Hollywood, and did return to work in France in the 50s, his art stems essentially from the creative environment of pre-war European culture, a culture that was largely decimated in the war.