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social process of adopting (or being forced to adopt) Nazism

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Although roughly the same age as Rothenberger, Rothaug was the culmination of the Nazification of German justice rather than its implementer.
Though some who wrote about the Nazification of Nietzsche wondered if the Nazis had gotten Nietzsche right, they did note how his rejection of bourgeois values, democracy, and Christian sympathy made it easy for the Nazis to enlist him.
Wolfram was a leading figure in the Nazification of Reich German folkloristics in 1938 -45, and after the war a disturbing example of the failure of, especially, the Austrian scholarly folklore community to come to terms with its enthusiastic involvement in National Socialism.
1; Andrew Moore, 'The Nazification of the New Guard: Colonel Campbell's Fascist Odyssey, 1933-1938', in Christine Winter and Emily Turner-Graham (eds), National Socialism in Oceania: A Critical Evaluation of its Effect and Aftermath, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2010, pp.
Chapter 2 deals with the rectoral period (1933-1934) and with Heidegger's activities in the context of the Nazification of the University.
The Nazification of German philosophy was undertaken even more substantially in Heidegger's Nietzsche lectures delivered throughout the period 1936-40 and not published until 1961 under the title Nietzsche I and II.
He, along with millions of Communists, Socialists, Gypsies, Jews, Pacifists and other opponents of nazification, was sent to a concentration camp.
The Nazification of his homeland, and the praise he received, both private and public, plus his involvement in the Bund, ensured that Canadian authorities would take an active interest in this prosperous farmer.
Marianne's relationship with Ernest gives her the opportunity to witness a version of Nazification first-hand.
we have chronicled the history of Christian anti-Judaism and Nazi anti-Semitism, and the swift Nazification of these diverse countries that willingly co-operated into making Europe juden-frei.
The sixth and last section, "Hotel Terminus," engages the correlation between aesthetics and ethics in extremis and includes essays on the recovery of Nazi art loot (Charles Dellheim), on the Nazification of dance (Marion Kant), and on the production of memory in documentary film.
Second, Hitler "s African Victims argues that the murder of at least 3,000 African POWs in France forms "an integral link in the incremental Nazification of the Wehrmacht.
According to several sources, Ritter von Halt was "an ardent national socialist" and was working for the nazification of European sport, but this did not seem to worry Edstrom, who normally was opposed to all interference of politics in sport.
The grandfather wrote about the damage that the occupation would do to Israel and the resulting Nazification of Israeli society.
It connects the massacres of black French soldiers to the debates on the Nazification of the German army during World War II and places them in the context of the treatment of non-white 'illegitimate combatants' in colonial wars.