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social process of adopting (or being forced to adopt) Nazism

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Although roughly the same age as Rothenberger, Rothaug was the culmination of the Nazification of German justice rather than its implementer.
The sixth and last section, "Hotel Terminus," engages the correlation between aesthetics and ethics in extremis and includes essays on the recovery of Nazi art loot (Charles Dellheim), on the Nazification of dance (Marion Kant), and on the production of memory in documentary film.
Second, Hitler "s African Victims argues that the murder of at least 3,000 African POWs in France forms "an integral link in the incremental Nazification of the Wehrmacht.
According to several sources, Ritter von Halt was "an ardent national socialist" and was working for the nazification of European sport, but this did not seem to worry Edstrom, who normally was opposed to all interference of politics in sport.
The grandfather wrote about the damage that the occupation would do to Israel and the resulting Nazification of Israeli society.
It connects the massacres of black French soldiers to the debates on the Nazification of the German army during World War II and places them in the context of the treatment of non-white 'illegitimate combatants' in colonial wars.
Le contexte se caracterisait aussi par une nazification des souverainistes dans les lettres de lecteurs et sur internet, et par les blagues racistes sur les francophones de Howard Stern, a la radio CHOM-FM de Montreal.
Barth, who had been the prime author of the Barmen theological declaration of 1934, the charter of Protestant resistance to the nazification of the German church, was several times asked by church leaders in England and Scotland how they could best help the beleaguered Confessing Christians in Germany.
Information on this topic can be found in the Timeline section, under Nazification, The Ghettos, and The Camps.
law as vindication (Nuremberg), law as revenge (Justice Pal's view of the Tokyo Trials), (173) law as restoration and deterrence (War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia), law as theater(174) or comedy,(175) and law as nazification (the Soviet Show trials).
The process of Gleichschaltung--or nazification of the tourism industry--did, in part, mean the emergence of a new Nazi tourist culture.
The ground covered in hardly new, but his analysis touches upon all aspects of German society, including examples of Nazification failures and resistance to these radical changes.