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a member of a Naval Special Warfare unit who is trained for unconventional warfare

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The Navy SEAL Foundation provides critical support to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families during times of illness, injury and loss.
This donation is part of our ongoing commitment to honor those heroes and support the important work of the Navy SEAL Foundation.
Abbott thanked McRaven for his service as a Navy SEAL and commended Perry for his five-year stint in the Air Force.
Navy SEALs are an important part of our country's defense, just as medical assistants are an important part of the healthcare team.
Former Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill was a team leader with the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.
The American Sniper movie is based on the real life story of Christopher Scott "Chris" Kyle, a Navy Seal who according to his written autobiography was the "most lethal sniper" in the history of American military.
It's based on Marcus Luttrell's memoir about a dangerous mission his Navy SEAL team embarked in Afghanistan in 2005.
The US Navy Seal Team Six, which is known for carrying out Obama raid successfully, staggered to nab Ikrima as it faced a fierce resistance while fighting to nab Ikrima at his beachside house in Somalia's town of Baraawe.
Navy SEAL, a high energy diet along with adequate levels of hydration are required.
com)-- Navy SEAL Adventure Racing's "Bone Frog Challenge," created by Navy SEALs, is an obstacle course mud run that challenges racers to measure up against the same obstacles that bred the world's most elite fighting force.
To become a Navy SEAL, candidates must dive, land, search and destroy for five-and-a-half days without sleep--eight out of every ten quit, and that's the way the Navy likes it.
Summary: Chris Kyle, the US Navy SEAL sniper who was responsible for 160 kills during his career as US Navy SEAL sniper, died on Sunday.
Summary: US: A sailor identified by US media as the commanding officer of US Navy SEAL .
MISSION n A Navy Seal trains his sights on a terrorist in film Act of Valour
His attendance at these camps increased and shortly before the 2006 US Open Haney revealed he had sent Woods an email saying: "You need to get that whole SEALs thing out of your system and stick to playing Navy SEAL on the video games.
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