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a large galleon sailed in the Mediterranean as a merchantman


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NAUS, the Service Member's Voice in Government, has more than 150,000 affiliated members nationally.
But the pounds 150 million scheme was stopped in its tracks when administrators Begbies Traynor were called in by AIB, which was owed pounds 24 million by Connaught Square, a subsidiary which was 51 per cent owned by Naus Group.
na ma tidesa Stay-Csan ni nau [not equal to]nui[not equal to]gadi direktern |kha |gui |nob ai matare ||khasa.
Council planners have told Naus to create an Irish Quarter which will attract both visitors and investment to Birmingham.
Andy Tollett, Naus UK's chief executive, believes Connaught Square will kick-start the next phase of Digbeth's regeneration.
The NAUS chief executive asks Congress to stop the war on TRICARE, "Protect those who served to protect you.
Dublin-based developer Naus Group is seeking planning permission for its proposed pounds 150 million makeover of a 4.
The complete NAUS testimony is available online at: http://www.
The NCR LanPACER+ and LanPACER NAUs are half-size interface cards for ISA-bus systems.