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an island republic on Nauru Island

a small island in the central Pacific Ocean 2,800 miles to the southwest of Hawaii

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As a result of pressure from Nauruans and UN bodies, more generous phosphate royalties were paid to Nauru in the two years preceding its independence (McDaniel and Gowdy, 2000, p.
During World War II Japan occupied Nauru from August 1942 until the end of the war and deported 1,200 Nauruans to work as laborers in the Caroline Islands, where 463 died.
Faced with the necessity of going back to traditional ways of scrounging from the sea and the soil, Nauruans realize that they have forgotten how to paddle an outrigger canoe, much less build one with tomano trees--if there were any.
The Jehovah's Witnesses say that most of their few followers are native Nauruans.
It is no wonder that parcels sent to the detention camp from Australia regularly 'go missing' and that some Nauruans feel resentment towards the asylum seekers who are, at least, adequately fed.
Nauruans did have a choice, but succumbed to greed, sold their phosphate and wrecked their island.
Performance of `Micro-Bumintest' tablets for detection of microalbuminuria in Nauruans.
These resource constraints forced the Nauruans to develop strict social customs that kept their population below 1,000 to avoid shortages and famine.
The value of this phosphate was estimated to be about one million pounds sterling, of which Nauruans received about [pounds]1300 or less than one seven-hundredth of its value.
PEOPLE: Indigenous Nauruans are a homogeneous group.
Association of body mass index and waist-hip circumference ratio with cardiovascular disease risk factors in Micronesian Nauruans.
201) However, based on public statements made by Australia on the matter of rehabilitation, it can be discerned that their official position was "that the phosphate agreement Nauruans the economic benefit of the phosphate industry, that the partner governments gave up their mining concession without compensation, and that as a result, Nauruans had a means to provide for rehabilitation.
I will also sign a MoU covering the Northern Australia Pacific Microstate Worker pilot program that will provide new opportunities for Nauruans to work in Australias strong tourism, accommodation, and service industries.
Nauruans descended from Polynesian and Micronesian seafarers.