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an island republic on Nauru Island

a small island in the central Pacific Ocean 2,800 miles to the southwest of Hawaii

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A plan by the partner governments to resettle the Nauruans (due to dwindling phosphate reserves and damage to the island from extensive mining) on Curtis Island off the north coast of Queensland, Australia, was abandoned in 1964 when the islanders decided not to move.
Ethnic groups: Nauruan 93%, Chinese 5%, other Pacific Islander 1%, European 1%.
The sample populations are heavy relative to their short stature with the Nauruan sample registering in the obese BMI classification.
More than 80 percent of Nauruan respondents reported that other family members were also diabetic.
For instance, according to Coyne, the incidence of diabetes in Nauruan females is approximately 33 percent according to the latest survey data.
Prospects look dim for the Nauruans, who have squandered away most of the wealth of resources available to them.
Unlike their distant neighbors in the Pacific on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), whose culture and beliefs led them to decimate the island's rich forests and wildlife and leave in their stead a trail of ghostly statues, the Nauruans lived well for thousands of years--despite limited rainfall and droughts.
McDaniel and Gowdy use the Nauruan tale, together with their observations of Mangaia, Tikopia, and several other islands and regions, as the basis for pulling together an important piece of the ecological puzzle: cultures with greater constraints in their environment--limited water, short growing seasons, poor soil conditions, etc.
During World War II Japan occupied Nauru in August 1942 and deported 1,200 Nauruans to work as laborers in the Caroline Islands, where 463 died.
The Australian and Nauruan Governments have agreed the Regional Processing Centre on Nauru will transition to an open centre model.
The Nauruan Police Force, community groups and service providers will assist in managing transition to the open centre model.
Secretary of State Colin Powell urged Nauru to halt its passport-selling scheme after six alleged al-Qaida operatives were arrested in Malaysia carrying Nauruan passports.
Ethnic groups: Nauruan 95%, Chinese 3%, other Pacific Islander 1%, European 1%.