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a native or inhabitant of Nauru

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For instance, according to Coyne, the incidence of diabetes in Nauruan females is approximately 33 percent according to the latest survey data.
Secretary of State Colin Powell urged Nauru to halt its passport-selling scheme after six alleged al-Qaida operatives were arrested in Malaysia carrying Nauruan passports.
In addition to using Nauruan material, they delve into the ecological histories of Rapanui (Easter Island), Tikopia and Mangaia, along with Ladakh.
Failed investments have left the Nauruan trusts in trouble, and with only a $60 million (Australian) annual income, the government has managed to dig itself into a $600 million debt.
While the Nauruan government has locked out journalists who have tried to expose the horrendous abuses that have been taking place on the island, this month in The Lamp (pages 16-19) we give voice to a very brave nurse, Alanna Maycock, who worked there.
We have supported the Government of Nauru in making the open centre arrangements possible by funding service providers and sharing Australian expertise with Nauruan law enforcement agencies.
9 Chuukese, Pohnpeian, Yapese, Kosrean, others Nauru 8 100 Yaren Nauruan, English 10,560 2.
The other is Nauruan IT was colonised by Germany in the late 1800s but the League of Nations stepped in after the First World War and Nauru became administered by Britain, Australia and New Zealand DURING the Second World War it was occupied by the Japanese IT gained independence in 1968 THE people love football, cricket, rugby, Aussie rules football and basketball but weightlifting is king PHOSPHATE exports meant it had the world's highest average income per person in the early 1970s WHEN the phosphate reserves were exhausted, it briefly became a tax haven FROM 2001 to 2008 it housed a detention centre that assessed claims of people seeking asylum in Australia NAURU is now the fattest nation on the planet e planet
9 Nauru 9 100 Yaren Nauruan, District English 10,000 1.
Ethnic groups: Nauruan 93%, Chinese 5%, other Pacific Islander 1%, European 1%.
Australia also will double the number of education and sporting scholarships it provides to the island's residents and has agreed to cancel debts owed by Nauruan residents to Australian hospitals for health care.
The cause of Papuan independence has been taken up enthusiastically by two forum members, Vanuatu and Nauru, with four Papuan representatives attending the summit as part of the Nauruan delegation.
He highlighted that the role played by the volunteers in Nauru was commended by the Nauruan Government who had requested for an extension of the engagement of Fijian teachers.
The impoverished experience of the Nauruan people only compounds an already difficult situation.
If they want to stay in a lockup type situation I'm sure that Nauru could accommodate it, but I'm sure that everybody would want to work and to contribute after the kindness that the Nauruan people have shown them,' Smith said.