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small genus of evergreen tropical shrubs or trees with smooth leathery leaves

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Hallea stipulosa and Syzygium owariense were reasonably important in the lowest pressure stand while Nauclea diderrichii Cleistopholis patens, Psychotria articulata, Spondianthus preussi, and Anthocleista vogelii were minor and presented the lowest values of structural parameters through the three stands.
Finally, Psychotria articulata, and Nauclea diderrichii presented the lowest importance values in all the three stands.
The genus Nauclea consists of 35 species in which about ten species are distributed in tropical Africa, Asia and Australia (Chen and Taylor 2011).
In vitro antiplasmodial activity of stem and root extracts of Nauclea latifolia S.
Agbo iba' for treatment of malaria: contains Hippocratea indica, Nauclea latifolia, Enantia sp.
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Anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, and sedative properties of the roots of Nauclea latifolia Smith in mice.
Parkia clappertoniana, Terminatiapilisotigma, Amona, Nauclea and Bombax contratum are the dominant shrubs found within the area (Balogun, 2001).
Indole alkoloids from Nauclea officinalis with weak antimalarial activity.
W Binuang * NK (Octomeles ND sumatrana or Nauclea orientalis) Mengaris * NK (Koompasia T excelsa) Bongkol * NK (Nauclea T subdita) Becangon * NK ND Mundok NK (Baccaurea sp.
Aguwa CN, Nwako SO (1988) Preliminary studies on the root extracts of Nauclea latifolia Smith, for anti-ulcer properties.