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Synonyms for nurture

Synonyms for nurture

Synonyms for nurture

the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child

Related Words

helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

bring up

provide with nourishment

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We're not at a point where we can say for certain is it nature versus nurture, is it race or is it socioeconomics," University of Pennsylvania sleep researcher Michael A.
from] the stem cell research controversy, the nature versus nurture controversy, the evolution-creationism controversy, DNA testing, race issues, and numerous other topics," Kowles writes.
The Power of Music: Pioneering Discoveries in the New Science of Song outlines the research and thinking of the science of music--the nature versus nurture scenario.
As with its companion series, we are left with endless questions around function and value, nature versus nurture, played out through products and their physical makeup.
Galaxies in Isolation; Exploring Nature Versus Nurture Conference (2009: Granada, Spain) Ed.
The beautifully illustrated book looks at how preschool children develop, tackling issues including nature versus nurture and personality traits, before looking at the way they play, eat, grow and move and examining in detail the way children develop in specific preschool years.
Set in the near future, this intriguing play delves into the heart of the nature versus nurture debate and what it means to be a human.
The nature versus nurture debate continues to rage on in our society.
The issue of nature versus nurture is viewed through the works of Steven Pinker.
On the perennial issue of nature versus nurture, Pinker registers vigorous dissent from established opinion makers (among whom he includes modernist authors and critics) who favor nurture, operating on the premise that human beings are "blank slates" ready to receive whatever is imposed on them.
Two kings are quarreling over the ancient nature versus nurture debate; one king believes that we are what we are born to be, while the other believes that we are what we are taught.
The jury is still out for me on the whole nature versus nurture theory in raising children, but I have to believe at least some of a parent's attributes, good and bad, get passed on to our offspring.
So, I'll file all this away in the part of my brain that is always fascinated with the nature versus nurture debate.
This new series puts the old nature versus nurture argument under the microscope with three celebs trying to discover what makes them tick.