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the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls

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Tur'ian, in Odoevskii's Sylph, "the hero was chosen, and achieved the secret of existence through the wisdom of medieval mystics and love for a nature spirit, the Sylph, a messenger from another, bright and harmonious world that revealed itself only to one of the chosen" (Strannaia moia sud'ba: O zhizni Vladimira Fedorovicha Odoevskogo [Moscow: Kniga, 1991], 305).
Sabuy: (A curse) A handful of small illnesses thrown your way by invisible nature spirits you did not realize you had offended.
These nature spirits can now be seen as God's helpers, much like Catholics have traditionally seen angels and saints.
The druids had a strong tradition of bringing greenery such as holly, ivy and mistletoe indoors, not as a welcome for friends but for the wandering nature spirits looking for shelter.
At the same time, I sought to develop through meditation some kind of connection with the essence of the garden, with the Nature spirits or devas.
Shamans (priests and healers) freely mix Biblical figures with the nature spirits.
A primary source work of occult manuscripts, illustrated with black- and-white charts and diagrams, A Treatise on Angel Magic includes the hierarchies of fallen angels, evocation of the Nature Spirits, and John Dee's Enochian system of Angel conjuration.
As well as their many practical uses, certain trees were also believed to house nature spirits or a powerful spiritual presence.
Shinto defies simple categorization; it involves the worship of kami, which can be translated as gods, nature spirits, or spiritual presences.
The missionaries distinguished three constituent parts of the aboriginal religious consciousness: shamanism, worship of nature spirits, and the family spirit protectors.
The film, by writer-director Hayao Miyazaki, tells an Alice in Wonderland-style story about a girl who becomes trapped in a world of nature spirits and must escape to rescue her parents from a spell that transformed them into pigs.
Spirited Away'' tells the story of Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl who becomes trapped in a world of nature spirits and must escape to rescue her parents from a spell that transformed them into pigs.
Even those whom the island loved were wrapped in sleepy clouds, their spirits bound up, lulled by the beauty of the trees, the ocean, the mountains, the birds, the rivers, and the nature spirits.
She's twenty-one today and nature spirits are bobbing on the leaves, lighting her way with torches of fireflies and glow worms.