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Sethy and Narayanan [5] were investigating what signal features should be used for aligning synthetic and natural speech signals.
This project combines the expertise and creativity at ICSI with Microsoft s experience deploying increasingly more powerful and natural speech interfaces to its services and applications.
ShoutOUT is a complete texting app that lets users create, send and receive text messages with either fluent natural speech or the iPhone's virtual keyboard.
Numerous studies have found that natural speech is significantly more intelligible than that produced by TTS synthesis systems (Clark, 1983; Greene, Logan, & Pisoni, 1986; Hoover, Reichle, VanTasell, & Cole, 1987; Kangas & Allen, 1990; Koul & Allen, 1993; Logan, Greene, & Pisoni, 1989; Mirenda & Beukelman, 1987, 1990; Mitchell & Atkins, 1989; Ralston, Pisoni, Lively, Greene, & Mullennix, 1991).
Golden-i enables users to command and control wireless devices and networks by natural speech recognition.
As a consequence it is important to investigate whether task performance differs when computer speech is substituted for natural speech.
Her ear is accurate; she captures the natural speech of those who occupy her world, real or imaginary, speaking with a natural force.
Synthetic speech is used in two ways by disabled people: as a replacement for natural speech and as a means of communicating complex information to people who cannot receive it by other means, such as blind computer users.
Ask Ziggy, the world's most advanced Natural Speech search engine for mobile devices, has closed a $5 million round of funding with a publicly traded multinational corporation and expanded its list of strategic partners.
The program enables text to be turned into natural speech by reading it aloud, it also speaks multiple languages and reads proper names, numbers and currencies.
Additional information about Fonix natural speech recognition technologies can be found at the company's website, http://www.
1991) concluded that both processing speed and comprehension of synthetic speech compare unfavorably with natural speech, and they cautioned against using synthetic speech in applications with difficult text.
A recent study shows that synthetic speech -- words made up of sound fragments generated by a computer -- requires more attention and takes a greater effort to understand than natural speech.
voice-driven telephone dating service now features voice automation technology that enables its users to input information by using natural speech.
Liaison allows callers to reach an individual or access information simply by using natural speech.