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The studio audience was puzzled when Peter Prengaman, Ann Marie's natural son and an Associated Press reporter in Salem, took the microphone and said in Portuguese that he was their brother.
The property dates back almost a thousand years to the reign of Edward the Confessor and was the seat of William Peveral, the natural son of William the Conqueror.
But for now I have not given up my goal of finding the right situation in which I share the responsibilities of bringing up my natural son or daughter with the child's mother.
In retirement, he lost his natural son Ross in 1989, followed by his wife in 1990.
Last Thursday, Siderova's natural son and Siderov's stepson, MEP Dimitar Stoyanov requested the resignation of Siderov as party leader due to a poor showing in Bulgarian presidential and municipal elections end of October.
Claiming to be the natural son of the artist Mariano Fortuny y Carbo, he became involved during the 1880s in an antiques business in Paris run by Mme Filieuse-Marcy--whose name he took--and her two daughters.
But they are at odds over their kids, with Ritchie wanting his natural son Rocco to stay in London with him.
Rhys Ifans stars as a man who is devastated to learn that he is not the natural son of his father (Tom Wilkinson).
It also emerged he is "especially close" to Guy and Madonna's natural son Rocco, seven.
However, Doyle's natural son, Sullivan, is a disappointment and a recreational drug-user, who has just returned from Africa where he fenced medicine for HIV patients.
About 1090, Robert Fitzhamon raised a motte and a wooden stockade and this was replaced with the stone keep that is still visible today by Robert de Consol, the natural son of Henry I of England.
But they never told him that he was not their natural son - and both took the secret with them to their grave.