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radiation coming from sources other than those being observed

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Currently, this research group is performing a risk assessment aiming to understand role of natural radioactivity with the incidence of illness (mainly the high rate of oropharynx, stomach and lung cancers) observed in the population of Lajes Pintadas City.
Furthermore measurement of natural radioactivity from soil is generally essential for the purposes of radiation impact assessment radiation exploration and protection and for establishment of baseline data for future radiation investigations [6].
Azarvand [7], in determinant of natural radioactivity measurements in environmental samples of Sungun mining, Iran, showed that the amount radioactive elements, especially K40, in many parts of the region is higher than world average provided by UNICER (2000).
Preliminary reports on the determination of natural radioactivity levels in the State of Qatar and a report on the determination of the natural radioactivity levels in northwest of Dukhan (an area known for its oil fields) in the State of Qatar, have been earlier (Al-Sulaiti et al.
Understanding natural radioactivity will enable us to check or limit the toxicity and hence risk to the individual and society of such exposed.
That's the most exotic interpretation," D'Hondt says, "that we have an ecosystem living off of natural radioactivity that is splitting water molecules apart.
According to a new research, only about half of our planet's internal heat stems from natural radioactivity.
PNRA is continuously performing environmental monitoring throughout the country to assess any change in natural radioactivity level.
Natural Radioactivity Hazards produced by Construction Slates
The natural radioactivity of the earth varies greatly from one place to another, depending on the concentration of rocks containing uranium.
All measurements were carried out in the Laboratory of Natural Radioactivity of Faculty of the Earth Sciences in Sosnowiec.
hospitals); industries discharging effluents containing enhanced levels of natural radioactivity (for example, the phosphate industry).
Her husband soon joined in her scientific investigations into the natural radioactivity discovered by another French scientist, Antoine Henri Becquerel.
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