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the science of matter and energy and their interactions


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The students of both Strauss and Voegelin were thus rooted in these classics, and their later careers were devoted to teaching these works and, for some, writing analyses of the Greek natural philosophers and the philosophy of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
Always serious, never condescending, he was as brilliant a lecturer as he was an experimentalist and natural philosopher.
As natural philosophers uncovered how the physical world worked, they provided essential knowledge for manipulating that world to meet practical needs.
On the other hand, the Church never offered unqualified support for all forms of inquiry and set limits beyond which natural philosophers were not allowed to go.
Aware of this instability, the seventeenth-century natural philosophers who probed nature's secrets made some effort to circumscribe the powers of nonhuman matter.
On this view, those natural philosophers who stressed God's freedom to act in the world, unbound by restrictions imposed by reason, were more likely to ground scientific knowledge in observations and experiments; whereas those who stressed God's reason were more likely to hold a rationalist conception of scientific knowledge and methods.
These figures range from images in fictional literature of talking brass heads to discussions of the homunculus by Renaissance natural philosophers and to Jewish legends of the golem.
Many of them, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and so forth, would have called themselves natural philosophers, the equivalent of scientists in that day.
T]his is not a book about the discovery of oxygen but about the invention of air: how groups of scientists, natural philosophers, religious leaders and politicians served as cultural petridishes in which ideas were discussed, experimented with, discarded or accepted.
From serious experimentalists to carnival hucksters, natural philosophers entertained the masses with sparks and arcs, puffs of smoke and hot- air balloons.
Taking advantage of the considerable body of work generated in the meantime (surveyed in editors' introduction), the contributors challenge the earlier picture of a one-way flow from the colonial periphery to the European metropolitan centers, where trained natural philosophers would winnow the harvest of information and specimens, discard the chaff of indigenous experience, and send the rest through the mill of scientific analysis.
This ridiculous sequence concludes with Signer, like the natural philosophers of old, one imagines, examining the results of his experimental investigation of the material world.
Carefully parsing both modern and period criticisms of Jesuit higher education, Hellyer finds more similarities than differences between Jesuit natural philosophers and their Protestant counterparts in the age of Enlightenment.
Empedocles four-element theory Greek natural philosophers Keats, John: "Song of four faeries"
The author then moves on to a detailed discussion of the lives and contributions of the pre-Socratic natural philosophers Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes and many subsequent citizens and residents of Miletus who brought fame to the ancient city during some of the region's most famous conflicts involving Persia, Sparta, Macedonia, Egypt and Syria.