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the science of matter and energy and their interactions


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9) The concern of natural philosophers with founding knowledge on a sure ground followed a track already beaten by Plato, who deemed the mastery of geometrical reasoning as necessary to obtain philosophical knowledge.
As natural philosophers uncovered how the physical world worked, they provided essential knowledge for manipulating that world to meet practical needs.
On the other hand, the Church never offered unqualified support for all forms of inquiry and set limits beyond which natural philosophers were not allowed to go.
Rather than providing an explanation for many anomalous and strange phenomena, the Enlightenment natural philosophers tended simply to ignore marvelous objects (40).
Indeed, there are at least four other medieval European natural philosophers and alchemists who are associated in popular legend with the construction of automata--especially artificial humanoids: Gerbert of Aurillac (who later became Pope Sylvester II), Albertus Magnus, William of Auvergne, and Robert Grosseteste.
From serious experimentalists to carnival hucksters, natural philosophers entertained the masses with sparks and arcs, puffs of smoke and hot- air balloons.
T]his is not a book about the discovery of oxygen but about the invention of air: how groups of scientists, natural philosophers, religious leaders and politicians served as cultural petridishes in which ideas were discussed, experimented with, discarded or accepted.
144) of birds and animals--lead into a chapter on the advocacy of vegetarianism and animal rights by early modern poets and natural philosophers.
Not adhering to any particular taxonomy beyond a roughly chronological order, the collection begins with Peter Harrison's illuminating study of how early modern natural philosophers "sought to establish the moral credentials of the sciences" (16) by coopting humanist ideals of education.
This ridiculous sequence concludes with Signer, like the natural philosophers of old, one imagines, examining the results of his experimental investigation of the material world.
He was acquainted with the Jenaer Romantikerkreis: natural philosophers Schelling and Oken, leaders of preromanticism in Jena brothers Schlegel, a "romantic physicist" and co-founder of electrochemistry Ritter, and many other outstanding personalities.
As instances of seventeenth-century ecological theology, she offers the fascinating "mountain theologies" of natural philosophers John Ray and Thomas Burnet, which present mountains as holy parts of creation rather than execrable signs of the fallen earth.
Carefully parsing both modern and period criticisms of Jesuit higher education, Hellyer finds more similarities than differences between Jesuit natural philosophers and their Protestant counterparts in the age of Enlightenment.
Empedocles four-element theory Greek natural philosophers Keats, John: "Song of four faeries"