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a computer program that retrieves documents or files or data from a database or from a computer network (especially from the internet)

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And as early as 2004, even Microsoft reported that it was working on natural language search to compete with Google.
With over 450,000 resumes, PassportAccess features the world's largest technical resume database, the industry's only natural language search engine and a comprehensive resume management system.
With RightNow Intent Guide for Facebook and Mobile, RightNow extends today's best-in-class online natural language search capabilities to enable organizations to better understand what customers want and make sure they get the most relevant information possible via Facebook or on their mobile device.
Look for major health plans to make Web sites even more consumer-friendly with a natural language search tool, according to a recent Forrester Research report.
With Acquisition of Q-go, RightNow Adds Best-in-Class Natural Language Search Solutions; Elevates Great Experiences from the Support Page to the Home Page and Helps Consumer Organizations Increase Revenue
1 suite include Primus eServer knowledgebase, Primus Answer Engine to power natural language search and Primus Web Self-Service solutions.
a key provider of Semantic and Natural Language Search technologies and products, today announced the introduction of MetaDolce OmniSearch, a full featured, robust, Natural Language Platform for Semantic Website Search.
Users are able to request information on classified ads such as homes, autos and other advertising content simply by texting specific codes or using a natural language search to access the information on their mobile device.
West Publishing has announced a late first quarter 1996 release of natural language search capabilities as part of its next generation of the PREMISE Information Management System.
ProgressEasyAsk products provide natural language search and query capabilities that empower business and consumer users to quickly find and retrieve critical information from multiple enterprise data sources.
I keep hearing and reading that these natural language search programs bring so many new features and are so flexible that they boggle the mind.
ATG has bolstered its core platform through acquisition, partnerships, and development elbow grease to provide additions like natural language search, business intelligence, Web analytics, customer service, and chat functionality.
Opperman said, "This speech recognition software, along with our Natural Language search capabilities, allows legal professionals to access WESTLAW in a new and exciting way.
Progress' broad software portfolio also includes the Progress(R) OpenEdge(R) business application platform, Actional(R) SOA and Web service management, EasyAsk(R) natural language search and query and an unparalleled range of data connectivity and mainframe integration with its DataDirect Technologies(R) portfolio.
One can't help feeling that MDC's aggressive development and introduction of FREESTYLE was at least in part due to the resounding success of WIN, the natural language search engine of its arch-competitor WESTLAW.
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