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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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The natural frequencies of the fruit-stem system were subjected to analysis of variance at a significance level of 5% to test the effects of the ripening stage on the natural frequencies.
Explicit formulas are proposed to obtain the natural frequencies corresponding to each nonlocal beam theory.
First, standard system identification techniques such as the Stochastic Subspace Identification (SSI) (Van Overschee & De Moor, 1996) are used to determine the natural frequencies of the structure with a sensor parked at a fixed location.
Nearly all structures have multiple natural frequencies [2].
The so-called correlation of the signals between detectors was merely an apparent correlation due to the fact that the circuits have natural frequencies that are nearly identical.
Fryba and Pirner [3] have used long-term tests to determine natural frequencies and the dynamic impact factors of old bridges for the estimation of their residual life and determination of inspection intervals.
Air tables will actually amplify, instead of reduce, vibrations in a typical range of 2 to 7 Hz because of the natural frequencies at which air tables resonate.
The identified natural frequencies of bridge model are summarized in Table 6.
One way to analyze the vibrations and natural frequencies is by using Fourier series to describe them [18-21].
Kistler carried out extensive FEM analyses to optimise the design and structure, so natural frequencies of about 3kHz are attained, despite the instrument's compactness.
Influence of fluid and Winkler as well as Pasternak elastic foundations were studied on the natural frequencies of submerged isotropic cylindrical shells.
Using natural frequencies to locate defects in composite structures have been made in many attempts that a number of them are mentioned in continue.
Firstly, resonance occurs in many systems and there must be many "proper" professionals in numerous other engineering and scientific disciplines who are just as familiar with natural frequencies as mechanical engineers--we don't have a particular monopoly of this phenomenon.