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When first reports of this meltdown linked it to global warming, natural scientists evoked the Hemingway story to reinforce the alarming message of the human-made climate change.
I think that kids are natural scientists, in that experimenting is part of growing up, from learning how to walk and talk onwards.
This avoids the constant intervention by God into the cosmic process to which natural scientists take exception.
He told the same press conference that a committee comprising conservators, archaeologists and natural scientists will be formed to draw up a plan to restore the beard.
Sydney: Australia's plans to protect the Great Barrier Reef are inadequate, short-sighted and will not prevent its decline, the country's pre-eminent grouping of natural scientists said on Tuesday.
How typhoons are formed, how powerful they are, and what determines their strength and the path they take, are questions natural scientists study and try to answer.
This collection of observations is the first offspring of joint efforts by natural scientists and historians.
MIDDLETON Hall, in Tamworth, will be celebrating the life of one of the world's greatest natural scientists on Sunday, May 11.
Science and technology policymakers from public sector, Technology policy and innovation management researchers, Master and doctoral students in the areas of innovation policies and management, educationists, social scientists and natural scientists and innovators and business practitioners will participate in the conference.
Social scientists, natural scientists, and engineers explore how new technologies can contribute to economic development in countries that are not yet part of global capitalism.
Artists, writers and natural scientists will be interested in a social activity at 5 p.
Natural scientists apply the fundamental assumptions of statistics to experimental data to draw conclusions about natural phenomena.
Most openings are for engineers, computer and natural scientists, according to Siemens.
It was the system of medicine developed by the seers (rishis) and natural scientists through centuries of observations, experiments, discussions and meditations.
The CSC was part of a group of societies that jumped to action in late August when it became known that approval of legislation threatening the ability of natural scientists to practice their professions was eminent.