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In 2000, a group of natural scientists from the United States, Russia, and Switzerland conducted detailed investigations on the ice fields of Mount Kilimanjaro in order to study its past and present conditions (Thompson et al.
In the early 1990s, natural scientists and engineers in Ontario negotiated an exemption in the Professional Engineers Act for anyone holding "a recognized honours or higher degree in one or more of the physical, chemical, life, computer or mathematical sciences, or who possesses an equivalent combination of training and experience" from requiring supervision from an engineer.
Most of the contributors are natural scientists, but scholars of business and economics present the longest papers, on numerical modelling marine pollutants exemplified by radioactivity dispersion, and marine natural product research in the western Indian Ocean.
Those who were aligned as behavioral or natural scientists were actively discouraged from investing any intellectual stock in this elusive endeavor, which is now known as the discipline of neurotheology.
A major aim of natural scientists is to improve the predictive power of climate simulations.
A member of the editorial board of the journal Oil Shale, one of the most remarkable natural scientists and science managers in the Baltic States, Tallinn University's professor of geoecology Jaan-Mati Punning passed away on November 21, 2009.
Snow lamented the divisions between natural scientists and humanities scholars of his day in his lecture The Two Cultures.
Farming unions, natural scientists, politicians and economists like Lord Stern must work together to ensure that change doesn't threaten farming in Wales or of the rural population.
Popular management writers should be viewed as thought leaders (who provide ideas), and the knowledge they purvey does not have the same factuality as those of natural scientists.
It included natural scientists, economists, farmers, social scientists and indigenous people.
2007 has marked the tercentenary of the birth of one of the world's most influential natural scientists, Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778).
The project will bring together natural scientists, mathematicians, historians and economists from around the region to address questions about the environmental health of the Blackstone River.
Hence, while it is true that natural scientists use rhetorical techniques in the presentation of their results, it is false to infer that theories are purely rhetorical constructions.
A Guide To The Reptiles And Amphibians Of Egypt is a concise, solid, and up-to-date reference especially for herpetologists and natural scientists in need of a quick reference to the 1180 species currently recognized within Egypt.
The network would cease to function without collaboration not only among natural scientists but also among social scientists, non-government organizations, the private sector and communities.